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Wednesday 7 August 2013

I stitch, I grow

My free style stitching is finished, and different than I planned, the longer beads I wanted to use were too big, but I do like this, it reminds me of flat Christmas crackers, I will sew it into a small square cushion. I do promise I will make it up, along with a couple of hearts in my work basket.
 I have Grand Marquoir back in the frame, and have stitched one square, this is staying in the frame until I have finished it, I have two pages left to do, 18 squares. My sister has put in a request, so I know what I am stitching next.
 Our Magnolia tree has it's second set of blooms, the pinks in the garden look beautiful, we are hoping to have it trimmed after the flowers have finished, I love this tree and don't want it to get much bigger.
 The green houses are full, here chillies, but our peppers and aubergines are full of swelling produce.
 We have a couple more cucumbers almost ready for picking, that's 4 so far this year and more are forming.
 Today's harvest, the salad leaves are mostly gone over, but with herbs there is enough for tea tonight, I do have more growing but they won't be ready for over another week, I am going to plant some more this weekend, to keep us going. My pepper are sweet and crunchy and with fresh tomato's a good meal.
Been on a field trip today at work, we were in a forest with cadets, watching them learn survival, it was interesting and fun, it is nice to see the training sessions, and meet adult volunteers from around the area.

Busy at home, last weekend I had a huge sort out, pulled every thing stored under our stairs, most was put there when we moved in 4 years ago, and most has now gone. I also sorted all my shoes and dumped 8 pairs, I do love to have a good tidy around, it is so easy just to pack things away, Kev did look worried in case I started on his things.


  1. LOVE, LOVe, LOVe fresh from the garden tomatoes. _We stopped at a farmers market and bought several last week and that first bite . . .WOW!

    Ours are now starting to turn red. I'll bet anything that the cherry tomatoes don't make it to the table. I like to pop them in my mouth each time I walk by the plant.

    Oh, and our peppers are greening up so well we are already having to share with neighbors . . which they love .

  2. Oh, I forgot . . LOVE how you finished the ornament!

  3. Wonderful to see GM out again, you'll soon have it completed.
    Enjoy your homegrown foodstuffs.

  4. Love the alphabet sampler and the lovely purple stitching is reminiscent of the smocking you used to get on little girls dresses.



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