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Friday, 22 February 2013

Nuts for breakfast

 Our favourite little wild life friend popped back to see us yesterday morning, he sat on our back fence nibbling on peanuts, we are holding the neighbours cats away, so we can have the wild life come and feed.  Our garden is so alive  we have loads of different types of feeders.

My roses are doing well, now 8 days old, they should stay looking good for the weekend.
 As for stitching, it's looking good, 
the second pattern page is coming along well, 
I have two letters to finish and two pattern blocks to do.
 I am hoping to finish this page by Monday, then I shall pack it away for a couple of weeks and stitch the colourful Dream Sampler. I have also found a quickie to make for my daughter Su.
My stitching chair is facing the large garden patio doors, so I enjoy both the garden visitors and stitching at the same time.
I am having a very lazy morning, I have my mug of coffee

Kev has had the week off to do jobs around the house, and today I have the day off, I was naughty and did not tell hubby I had booked the day off, so after the alarm went off I refused to get up, little surprises are the best. We are now making plans on what to do with our bonus day.
Having our daughter Su home is fun, she can be very interesting and amusing, not sure how long we have her, but we will enjoy her company.
Josh and Sammy are travelling to Manchester to see  grandma, so we won't get to see them and can't wait to hear all the fun they will have.

1 comment:

  1. We get squirrels in our garden too.
    Its funny watching the our neigbours cat trying to catch the seagull that land in the garden!
    The cross stitching is looking good!
    Juliie xxxxxxx



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