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Saturday, 16 February 2013

At bit of everything

 This week has been really good, loads of nice things have happened, Kathy has sent me the most wonderful gift, a hand made project pack, look at the material, so very me, and all the lovely colours.

I have the large envelope for my work, a needle holder and a small pouch for my threads, I have already added my needles and the silks for Grand Marquoir, much nicer than the plastic sleeves I away use. Kathy you hand made gift is really loved.
 Valentine's night, I had roses and a wonderful meal cooked, I don't like to go out on the night, the restaurants always feel a bit false, so many people all having their special moment all together in one room, that's not me at all. Hubby had every thing ready for when I got home from work. He also brought me a cerise leather hand bag, which I love.
 Back to stitching, I have slowed down a bit, having Su home takes away some of my stitching time.
 I have done all across the top row, which shows me the size of the work, Two more letters done, I will stitch all nine squares on this side, I like them all, I like the softer look of this project, it's a big contrast to my stitch along Dream Sampler. I hope to stitch this weekend.
 The spring flowers are showing them selves, my tub does not look great, but the crocus are very colourful, the garden is now looking ready for a tidy up, but it's still a bit cold.
 Weather this week has been strange, we had two days at the beginning of the week with snow falling, but the ground was so wet it could not settle, then for the past two days, bright sun shine, and it's sunny again today, very cold for us, but sunny.
This afternoon I'm off for a late Christmas present from Kev, Su and I are having a massage, going to a spa we have never been before, just the two of us, we both are looking forward to it, so relaxing, due to my health, it has been years since I had a massage.

I want to thank you all for your comments on my last post, it was fun to dress up, we had a great night.

Nothing else planned for the weekend, just see how it goes, hope to see Joshy and Sammy, and time with Kev, hope you have a fun weekend.


  1. What a wonderful week you have had and the stitching is lovely as well.

  2. Isn't it funny how having an extra person around, no matter how they
    fit in, always messes with your stitching.crocheting? LOLOL

  3. Your stitching as always is lovely and what a lovely gift which is very different :) lovely to see the spring flowers too

  4. How lovely, you have a very romantic hubby.
    GMis looking super.



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