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Friday 18 January 2013

It's arrived

 We woke up to snow this morning, it's about 3" at the moment, and it is still snowing but only lightly
 Don't you just love the photo's, our back garden.

The beautiful tree below was taken from the passengers seat on the way home this lunch time, our boss has sent all staff who live more than a couple miles from the office home. Driving was tricky, but done slowly we were OK. I am now snug at home for the afternoon, all plans for this evening postponed.
I am getting on well with my stitching, it's moving along well, with no plans this weekend I can see loads of stitching time.
 I love this pattern and it's quick to stitch.
I hope you all have a safe and warm weekend, and time for a bit of fun in the snow, it only last for a few days!!


  1. Lucky Ducky . . getting to go home with 3" of snow :)

    FOr us to get sent home with snow, when I taught school in Indiana, we had to have high winds, which would blow snow over the country roads and cause snow drifts that the buses couldn't get through or it would have to be icy on the road.

    Enjoy your long week end :)



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