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Monday, 14 January 2013

coming along

 I love the colours, I have added the purples, and I like it

10 hours work over the weekend, a good start, 
half way through my 1st panel, 
with the upright panel to stitch in this session.
 Feeling pleased with myself,
but wait
do you see it,
 the brown design on the left will be the centre of the work, 
shame it's not in the centre of my fabric
Yep, I have not counted and whilst I can carry on with this, the left side is going to be far to close to the edge of the fabric. Drat, not so clever now,  I almost never count, mainly because I use a finer count fabric, which means my stitching is almost always smaller then stated on the design, and Angie has never made such a large design.

Oh well I'm off to start it all again, Still at least I know I like my colours, have fun, be back at the weekend.
PS no snow here, hope it stays that way!


  1. Aw drats! I hate it when that happens! You're right though, the colors are lovely :)

  2. So sad you are getting too close to the edge and have to start al over again. The colours are beautiful.

  3. It was beginnings like this that made me fold my material and start in the center and work my way out.

    Looks good so far :)

  4. The colours are fabulous. I hate having to start over, but this looks so pretty that it's worth the hassle.

  5. What a shame you have to start again but the colours are fab. Lucky you with no snow !

  6. Oh no, all that hard work. It is very beautiful.



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