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Sunday, 15 May 2011

With all the fun and games we have had this week with Blogger, I am so glad I copy all my post, my daughters have laughed at me, but I have a complete record for both of my blogs.

I keep my blogs in folders with clear sleeves, I have filled three folders for this blog and two for Somerset House, I post more here, but have longer post on my house. It's not cheap all these photo's. But I like to think I have a socal history, and you are all a part of it, at no other time in history have we, the people been able to leave our mark, on everyday things, I hope in the future they can look back on our records and under stand us.

We have not done much, it's been a weekend for us, no work required in the garden, every thing is green and lush.Still no stitching, I'm not looking for my mojo, it will find me when the right time is here.  But for now I am enjoying just pottering around the place.


  1. You print each post?!?! Who knew! That's something I've never thought of - well, exceot when I closed my other blog. lol

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend -

  2. Marlene what a fab idea - I am still having problems with blogger! I might very well do the same even if it's on my computer!

  3. he he mum not laughing now! fliss xxx

  4. Good idea! It was very annoying but I discovered you can backdate posts which I needed to do since I have a daily photo blog!



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