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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Lunch anyone

 I have done some stitching, I put Winter Watergarden back into the frame, I want to finish section 2, I am way behind with this one, but work has gotten in the way of my stitching time. I hope to finish this tonight, I want to get on with section 3. 

I have ordered the threads to finish April, the only thing I have not chosen is the central beads, I brought the one's suggested on the pattern, but they are not to my taste.
I still have some left from Su's wedding dress and I want to see how they look.

Last sunday Josh, Sammy, mummy and daddy came to a BBQ at the house, and to say thank you he made us cards, he was very busy and made a card for everyone, thank goodness I have a large stash, mummy drew the motorbike on Grancha's card and Josh made it look like Kev's bike, mine is of our house, Josh loves it here, he's always in the garden.

This morning I have been in the garden, every thing is growing well, the plants in my small green house are coming along well, I have flowers on the tomato's and pepper, the aubergine, cucumber and courgette are all doing well. In my veg plot I picked, leeks and onions, kev added potatoes( from the shop) and made a great broth, even the parsley on the top is home grown. It tasted divine, all my work was worth it, and there are more to come, I have carrot, Parsnips and beetroot growing well. Salad leave and herbs all ready to use.

We are off to town soon, and then in to visit Joshy, Sammy, mummy and daddy, later I want to stitch. Tomorrow is another bank holiday, we have nothing planned, the weather is terrible, so dull, cool and very windy, so no bike rides for us. It's more like October than the start of summer.
I have ordered Connies book Mystic Imaginations, so I hope to do a book review soon.


  1. Oh the soup looks delicious! And the garden sounds like it will be bountiful! Enjoy your long weekend - should I send you some of our heat and sun? Josh's cards are too cute - enjoy your visit today!

  2. Your wintergarden is coming along beautifully! That soup looks yummy with all my favourite root vegetables in it!!

  3. The Watergarden is beautiful - the colours are so nice :) I too made leek and potato soup yesterday - yum! Hope you have a good Bank Holiday. Our weather is dreadful but Mal at work today so miniatures it is for me :)

  4. Lovely stitching there.

    That soup looks good. Glad you visitors enjoyed themselves. Super cards you got.



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