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Friday 18 March 2011

Stitching and Stash

I'm stitching on my family sampler, I brought a Lizzie*Kate sampler, which I felt was perfect for the centre of this stitching, the "N" is the centre of the work, she has put lots of little images in the design, but for the moment I am not stitching them, I hope to fill those spaces with relevant images. I will also use her boxes on the side bars, I can put our grandchildren's names in.

I am almost half way through my second tiger, it's harder work than the first one, the holes are much smaller, but I am still using two strands, it gets very tight in the middle.

I have added to my stash, this is not a dust collector, I will hope to stitch it later this year, but I will do it on 25dpi, linen, there is alot of back stitch, so I will be muttering the whole time.
I am sitting here listening to Take That, I was not a fan on their first time around, but since they have reformed, I love their work, I have ironing and housework to do, but that can wait, drinking strong black coffee and munching on the last bit of bread pudding, Bliss.
We have no plans for the weekend, my younger brother is in hospital, he is poorly with liver and kidney problems. So I am hanging by the phone, my family are 100 miles away, but my younger sister is looking after him, and keeping in contact via the phone.


  1. Lovely progress on both the sampler and the tiger rug!
    Hope your borther feels better soon :)

  2. Oh Marlene hope your brother is okay? The family sampler is coming along nicely. I like Take That now too (like you didn't before!) Meant to say before I do like your new header :)



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