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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Changing hair

Yesterday my hair started to fall out, I knew it was coming, I have always had thick hair, so even as I have lost about half of it, I still have a head of hair. When I look in the mirror I see my mum looking back at me. I have beautiful hats and scarfs ready. I thought today I would show you a gallery of me alongside Kev with different hair styles over the years.

This one was taken about 1998, not reason for it, we just wanted a posh shot.

This was taken in 1992, I had a short while when I had curly hair,
Kev had more hair then.

This was taken in 1984,

This was taken in 1973, I had long hair for all my childhood, finally having it cut at 19.

My first hair, it's not a great photo the light reflected on the glass, the photo is black and white, but mum at the time had the colour painted on top. This hangs in our hall.

I have not done anything to my quickie, but I have done some more to the cushion front, most days I am tired so I do only small amounts, I have to pop to the hospital today for a check up but have no other plans.

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  1. Great pics. You look like you're planning a crime in that baby picture!



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