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Sunday 1 August 2010

Coffee and Muffins

It's another sunny Sunday morning, Kev is on the golf course and I am feeling good, so I am starting the day with home made lemon and poppy seed muffin and coffee. Which taste very good, I have been only able to drink water for the past couple of days due to a very sore mouth.

I did some baking yesterday and made three types of muffins, cup cakes for Josh and quiche for lunch with Fliss and Steve. I was enjoyable, but by the evening I knew I had done a bit too much.

The roses below was sent to me in the week by friends from a company I worked for 18 months ago, they were a complete surprise and beautiful, I do keep in touch with them but not as much as I should, I hope to pop in this week if I'm up to it.

My quickie is going slowly, I have done a couple ribbons, but I am stitching my cushion front, I am addicted to it, I have done 64 with 36 squares left to stitch. I did make a mistake one evening last week and spent the following morning unpicking and reworking it, so now I only stitch in the day when I am not so tired.

Grace is not happy with me, I always have her blanket on the sofa, and she only is on her bed when we have visitors, last weekend she was happy to be on her bed while Kate and Ian was here, but as I have friends popping in for coffee, I decided she should stay on her bed, but she is not happy with me and I am sure she is sulking!!

The flowers have opened on my orchid, I hope they last until the last weekend of August, Su's wedding, I would like to have them on show.

We hope to go for a short ride on the bike today, but have nothing else planned. Next week I have a few days booked, my plan is to gain strength for my next round of chemo. This one has been a challenge and I know I will have stronger side effects as I have more, but it is something to endure, I still have my hair for now. We are all looking forward to the wedding and all the family being together.

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  1. Mmmmm, outside of double chocolate chip...lemon poppyseed are my favorite muffins!

    I hope your treatments go well and pray the side effects are low. Hugs*



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