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Sunday 28 March 2010

Wiggles on Sunday

Joshua spent this afternoon with Nanna and Grancha,
we have had fun in the garden and the house,

Josh came today dressed as Murry Wiggle, with his red top on, we all love the Wiggles, they sing and dance and play loads of musical instruments. We brought Josh a Ukulele, bright yellow, Fliss his mum is very musical and will teach him to play it. It's just the right size for him to play. We sang and danced to the DVD " you make me feel like dancing", it was great fun and loads of excise.

We also did a bit of work in the garden, Josh planted the blue pot above with one flowering plant and loads of Beogonia corns, which he thought was the strangest seeds he has ever planted, he also planted a second pot below. My Acer plant is in bud again, but the lawn behind is in a terrible state.
We have in my small greenhouse, sunflower, tomato and poppy seeds all planted to see how many grow.
The Magnolia tree is just about to burst, both Kev and I love it already and have been told by friends we do have a chance it can flower twice a year.

We have been busy in the house, Kev has replaced the final few light fittings and this morning we took delivery of 33 packs of wood flooring, we have to store it in the room for a while to let it settle into the conditions of the room. The plaster is drying well, and we plan to start sealing next weekend, we will also put up the coving and paint the ceilings. Still we do not have any radiators but the weather is a bit warmer.

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