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Sunday, 21 April 2019

A perfect finish

A perfect solution to an eyesore, our new neighbour had the fence done, we don't mind as we are now private, but as with so many things her grounds workers did, they only cared about the look within her garden.
The wall has pillars to hold it up, the post were attached to the pillars, so a huge gap was formed between the wall and fence, it looked ugly.
Using 4 of our decking planks, hubby and my brother created this shelf, the boards are cut around the post, so the gap is gone, it looks so good.
My metal birds can sit here, with just a couple of tealights, and my twigs.
I'm a really happy lady, it was hard work, but it's now neat and tidy.
Today we are having a family lunch, and an egg hunt for Will  so resting and fun day.


  1. Your garden shelf looks lovely. Those extra lengths came in useful after all. It's a shame your neighbour didn't consider you when putting up the fence though. Two fence panels, between us and our next door neighbour, fell down and broke in the last storm. The house is up for sale, so it may be a while before anything is done to replace them. Oh well. Enjoy your family weekend. Best wishes, Jane x

    1. It was always planned to purchase boards for this spot.



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