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Thursday, 28 February 2019

February update

More yarn purchased, mainly for the loom, but much better spending. I sold the 1st loom and shuttle for £25 and a pack of the nice card £10 to my sister, so I have reduced my spend in each section. Just a few things in garden section, Lime plant being the expensive purchase, but most items for the greenhouse. I still was just over my spending monthly total, I will have to have a couple of non spending months.

Nothing on clothes, or Christmas, Just a few of books, two text and 1 novel,  totalling £32.43. I must start going back to our library every week.

Money saved this month
Car insurance, renewed and changed with a saving of £79.07 for the year (which was £1 cheaper than we paid last year).
My mobile, changed to sim only saving £18.00 per month.
Hubby's mobile, changed to sim only saving 13.00 per month, neither of us wanted to new phones.
My Dyson V8 cleaner battery was not lasting as long as it should, hubby phoned Dyson, on checking records the unit was not as old as I thought, 26 months, but out of warranty, but without asking the guy is sent a replacement FOC as the battery should last longer, £64 saved.

Money spent this month
We have ordered triple glazing for most of our bungalow window and doors, (a couple windows are newer, so don't need replacing), they should be fitted next month, and will make a difference to our heating bills.

Our food spend is good, we are making smaller meals and therefore having extra to freeze and having more free meals. Our food spend is down, plus having purchased no chocolate or anything with chocolate on, so we are both feeling good.  Our waste is very small, our recycling bins is always low, which is pleasing, I have got rid of items on our local facebook page, passing them on, mainly babies toys which Will no longer plays with, pleasing as most of them I purchased 2nd hand.

We are both now very good at walking through shops, looking and not purchasing anything, there are loads of new season pretty things everywhere, including the garden centres, but I am sticking to our new values.

Only once did I want chocolate in this last week, but resisted, my brother was naughty and ensured there were loads of chocolate in his fridge when we visited, but I left it all there, he was impressed. I have no plans to purchase any chocolate, not sure how long I can last, but if it's not in the house I can't eat it.


  1. You've made some good savings this month with your phones. I've always found Dyson customer service absolutely fantastic. We got an animal model not long after we got Archie and he's eight now. The bearings went in the head after a couple of years and they sent a new one out free of charge and then the same thing happened just as it was approaching five years and the same, a new head sent out free of charge. No other problems at all. Well done on resisting the chocolate. I'm trying to lose weight but I still allow myself a little treat now and then.

  2. It's hard work, but it'll be worth it. The new double glazing will make such a difference. I'm not a big eater and I don't snack between meals, although I do like a biscuit with a cup of tea. Best, Jane x

  3. You're so well organised with your spending and documenting it all, Marlene, I do admire you. And well done on resisting the chocolate.

  4. Well done with the spending this month. I've taken your tip and I'm now keeping a tally of spending on craft items. It's making me think twice before buying anything :-)
    Good for you for giving up chocolate, I need to make a pledge to give up cake! my waistline would thank me for it, lol

  5. Good news with the windows. Ourd are circa 1930 and we very much need an upgrade but the cost is staggering .
    Hope to see new loom projects soon. Perhaps some scarves for sale? ;) I do love me a new scarf.

  6. Hubby and I have changed to SIM only and saved quite a lot.

  7. You always do such a good job with your spending. And good luck on the no chocolate... I'm no dairy so it is doable just takes control.



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