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Saturday, 19 January 2019

Matching pair

These are beautiful and matching
and finished
Loads of yarn left over

Another start, this is a jumper for Will, my 1st time with a knit down from the neck pattern.
I have ordered more wool, I think I am forming a wool habit, I was checking my wool stash and I have to admit, it's growing, lot's purchased online and sale prices, I have loads for socks, which I am loving to knit.
Can't wait to get my feet into the above socks, they look so colourful, it's a German yarn, which I have never used before, loads of yarn left over, I will add it to the leftovers for my granny square blanket. 
Now I am focusing on Will's jumper, I have never knitted a neck down design before and on circular needles, so no sewing together, in theory for me a perfect knit, I have four colours to use in wide stripes. 
Yesterday was a day at home, I did get my haircut, so I'm feeling good, I also spent loads of time finishing my socks, tonight I hope to have time for Will's jumper.
Will slept over last night, mummy and daddy had a night out with friends. We love having Will here, he is such a cute, good boy, and he is instantly forgiven for waking so early in the morning, his cot is still in our room, we not happy for him to sleep downstairs, whilst he is still young. We have found out all Bob the builder toys, Will is helping the builders next door.
My new steam floor cleaner arrived, I'm so glad to have this replacement, the floors come up so much better with steam, the old one lasted for years, so I hope this one will be as good. January is an expensive month, I am watching youtube video's for an expensive purchase.
Nothing much planned for today, knitting, a day at home, it's wet outside. 


  1. Well done getting those socks matches so well. I know its a bit tricky. I still have one sock to finish for Tom, its been in the basket a loooong time, I think he thinks he will never get this pair. lol

  2. What type of floor do you use the steam cleaner on?

    1. I use the steamer on all our floors, solid wood, ceramic tiles and cushion floor in the kitchen.

  3. Love the socks. The Flax is a good "TV" knit, I was looking at my pattern a few days ago and matching it to the stash. I put some shaping in and cropped the last version that i made.

  4. love the colour of those socks. I have been thinking about a flax light so will be interested to see yours progress.

  5. I just love those socks amazing colours in the yarn.
    Hope your weekend is going well, ours started dry but later turned quite damp.

    All the best Jan

  6. The jumper sounds interesting I have never heard of a knit down garment. My mum used to love knitting but hate the sewing up so she often would pass that bit on to me!
    Will will be so disappointed when the builders next door have finished!



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