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Monday 26 November 2018


This is the first 5th of this blanket, I am truly happy with the size, it will cover this bed as I wanted. I have enough yarn to repeat these colours another four times. I have put all the balls of yarn from my bag back in the basket to use them again.
 Up close
I love this yarn, it feels good to use, it drapes well and is soo soft. 
Saturday I took both Josh and Sam out for a pub lunch, just the 3 of us, we then drove to Lee-on-Sea, but is was wet, so they used all my spare cash in the amusement arcade, younger brother Sam won loads on one machine, shared his winning with Josh and enjoyed their gaming time. Later the boys enjoyed ice-cream, whilst I had a coffee. A really wonderful afternoon. 
Sunday was a sunny day, so after my morning pop into blogland, I wrapped up warm and spent time in the garden, I picked up all the huge leaves, another big bag, then a quick tidy around, I'm now pleased everywhere looks good.
PS, leaves everywhere again this morning, I will pick them up later, the best thing is our tree is almost empty.
Later we finished our shopping list for Asda, we already have most of the chocolates and biscuits we require, I have been picking them up when I see them on offer and hiding them away. Soon we will drive to a huge out of town branch to walk around. We do not intent to visit another huge supermarket this year.


  1. It sounds like a lovely weekend. How lovely that you get to spend this precious time with your grandsons, it's special time that they'll always remember. Your blanket is looking great, it's a nice size

  2. My Sunday morning was spent leave blowing, we now have a small leaf mountain in the back corner of the garden, there are still plenty to come off our tree so might have to do it once again before Christmas. I stash sweet treats away for Christmas too, I won't do a really big shop, I used to but found that I threw a lot away because hubby is not a big eater or a picker.. I LOVE your blanket and it's growing so quickly you'll have it done in no time :-) Have a lovely week

  3. I love the look on the boys faces with those large ice-creams - they look like they are thinking 'just get on with this photo we want to eat them'!!
    It is bright and sunny here - so may change our plans to suit the weather.

  4. My shopping list is mostly crossed off, just a few perishables to get later and it will be all done. I made the pigs in blankets and got the parsnips blanched and tossed in a little oil in the freezer yesterday. Along with 4 large tubs of mushrooms, after a bargainicious shopping trip.

  5. Lucky boys!! Your blanket is looking so bright and colourful. I'm now on the last quarter of my blanket :D Best, Jane x

  6. What a fun picture of the boys enjoying their ice cream!

  7. The blanket looks great, the boys look very happy and the ice cream looks tasty.

  8. I think your blanket is looking good …
    Love the photograph of the boys and the ice-cream - bet they enjoyed it.

    All the best Jan

  9. The blanket looks great. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend

    Julie xxxx

  10. I have had to re-created new blogs recently, they are now
    https://myjournalandscrapbook.blogspot.com/ and http://myscavengerhuntscrapbook.blogspot.com/

    Julie xxxxxxx



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