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Monday 23 July 2018

Seeds and pips

Cape Gooseberries
Both library books, both very good reads
Today's harvest.
It's hot again, we should be used to it by now, but as this heatwave lingers much longer than normal, I am spending much more time inside.
I am very happy with my seeds and pips above, each plant is looking really good, they have all put on loads of new growth this summer. The citrus plants and the Pomegranate are all in the greenhouse, they love the heat. The Kiwi is now outside, where again it is doing well. My walnut twig, is not looking good, not sure if it's the heat, but I will keep watering it and hope it pulls through.
I picked the last big harvest on blueberries and picked the first of the blackberries, most of my fruit is finished. Tomatoes and cucumbers are feeding us well, I have sown some more cut and come again lettuce, the other plants bolted in all this heat. I have cut the blackcurrant bush back, taking 3 of the older branches away and the same for the gooseberries, both are in tubs so I am hoping the smaller bushes will fare well in the hot weather.
Our Magnolia tree is in bloom again, but the flowers are not lasting too long, the heat is effecting everything around our home.
Saturday night we had Will on a sleep over, mummy and daddy went for a meal and spent Sunday morning doing loads of DIY jobs inside, perfect for us to have play time.
Will will be here again this morning, I love having time with our youngest grand son each week.
I have finished both books above, enjoyed each book and would read another book by each author.


  1. Your plants are looking really healthy, it's amazing how well the pips and seeds have grown, you've definitely got the touch.

  2. I really enjoyed reading He Said She Said too, I have another couple of books by this author on my shelves but haven't got around to reading them yet, I've read The Accident by CL Taylor but again nothing else. Your plants are doing really well.

  3. You have done so well with the your seeds and pips. They all look very healthy. We have a week of 28-29 degree temperatures. I'm not looking forward to having the grandchildren in this heat. X

  4. My tomatoes and cucumbers were attacked by aliens and never recovered. The courgettes are going great guns and the soft fruit has fed 3 households so far. Apples are looking amazing and the plums look pretty good too. Your plants from pips are doing grand.

  5. Really enjoyed both those books, I haven’t read any other Erin Kelly books, shall have to look out. Your plants are looking very good and strong, we’re wilting a bit here xx

  6. Your harvest today looks lovely …

    All the best Jan

  7. What a nice yummy harvest!! It is wonderful that you get to spend so much time with Will. Memories are being made all the time!!



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