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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Brr, back home

Will helping us choose wine to bring home
 French wool shop window
 I always bring back these tea bags, I got 3 boxes for 5 euro's
So why on the English site of this English blender are they £3 per pack. 
I read this book in France, it was the first book in the series, 
I read it last, but it was still  a great book, I have not yet found a book of her's which is not good.
Hubby purchased all the Sue Grafton A-Z books on my iPad, I'm not a fan of reading from the iPad, but the set was cheap and it saves me taking books on holiday. I read 3 of the titles whilst away and on the ferry home. 
 I asked Dawn if she could make me a pocket for a cushion I am making Will, she chose the colours and it looks brilliant, once added to a cushion front, plus a book inside it will go in his reading wig wam.
 This is a partial screen shot from my blog, I have just passed a big milestone.
I started my blog in 2009 not thinking in regard to where it would take me. I have always used it a my diary, each year I put all my post and photo's into a book. Therefore the blog has always been just as I like it, I had no thought's about followers, who would be interested in the thoughts of a middle aged woman. On the other hand I love all your blogs, you are all so interesting, you give me ideas, show me what is currant in your lives. So my milestone, I have now had 5001 comments through the years. I had decided to reward the 5000th comment with a small gift, I did not say anything before, I do not try to entice followers, I hope you are here because you want to be.  
So Tania, Frugal in Essex, please get in touch, I would like your address.   
We decided to try one of our bottles purchased in France
2.99 euro's each, and lovely glass of red.
I will blog some photo's of our break next time, we are having a lazy Sunday morning, laundry is being sorted. It's a sunny blowy day here, but cold, I checked and it's only 10c outside. Our weather in France was slightly better than here, we had rain 5 out of 7 days, but by lunch time it cleared, but it was much warmer.
PS I don't know why blogger is showing an old post from 2011, Christmas Tree cat, as the most viewed post, I does have the most views, but my list has been set to show post in the last 30 days.


  1. Congratulations on your milestone. It's funny, when we start our blogs, we don't realise how they'll become a part of our lives or the direction they'll take us in.

  2. Wow-that's an achievement! Beautiful boy and so alert sitting up in the trolley. Catriona

  3. Congratulations in the blog comments. I would like to put mine into a yearly book as well but am afraid of the cost. Is there a company you like?

  4. Had a lovely catch up... belated anniversary wishes to you both and Happy birthday to hubby.
    Your camper van looks so cosy.
    Congrats on the blog comments, there is always something lovely to read when I visit you Marlene.
    Will has come on so quickly.. he's gorgeous.

  5. I like to pop in here from time to time, Marlene, it's a lovely blog to visit! It's always nice to get comments and to know that there are folk reading and offering their encouragement and positive feedback. Congratulations on reaching that milestone! Meg:)



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