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Saturday, 24 June 2017


Not a harvest but lovely blooms
This spot is looking good
 I am picking mixed fruit each day
The blackcurrant crop was very poor, 
but Monty said it was a greedy plant so next year I will feed it. 
 I only have two tomato plants this year
both are full of fruit
Cucumbers, which I love have gone mad again.  
I saw this book on someone's blog, I'm sorry I forget who
It was a brilliant read, I will look out for more books by this author
Hubby has finished his front garden with red cedar bark
He planted his solo plant purchase. 
I love the look of this garden, which is totally different than I would have planted. 
Thank you for your comments on my last post, so many of you agree the simple things enhance our lives so much. I am trying to be organic in my gardening, which is why I am so please the hedgehogs come into the back garden. I am trying to encourage an eco system, so all the bugs stay under control.
I can't wait for the liquid fertilizer to be produced from my wormery, the intention is not to use any other types. The compost made won't be enough for my needs, but I am happy we are using the kitchen waste to create other things. Our garden is so tiny I don't have any room for a normal compost heap.
Where we feed the birds and squirrels is working, keeping them at the back of the plot, where I have the lovely hedgerow which soon will be fill of berries again,  none of them have attacked any of my fruit tubs, which are nearer the house.
I do need loads of copper tape for my pots, slugs have not been such a huge problem this year, but they have munched through my hosta leaves. I do still use slug pellets which work, I did get last year wool pellets, which were expensive and did not last too long. The slug numbers are down in the garden, so if anyone has any suggestions, I am willing to try different methods.
I am loving our fake grass, we sit and walk on it, it does feel real, except the crunch under foot, it's nice to come home and see it so green and not requiring a cut.
We went to town this morning, got a pair of half price sandals from Clarkes, and a couple garden things from Wilko's. I met a friend for lunch, we chatted together for a couple of hours, we both retire on the same day, so we are planning one afternoon a month for girly time.
Later we are off to a BBQ, just hope the weather stays fine.


  1. Oh Liliy's I love them :-)

  2. Well done on all the produce, we planted late this year so most of ours isn't ready yet. We haven't had as many blackcurrants either.

    Thank you Marlene for your lovely comment on my blog, much appreciated.

  3. Gardens are wonderful, aren't they, be they big or small. I was out today pruning and weeding. It's surprising how fast plants (and weeds) grow.

  4. So many tomatoes and cucumbers, how wonderful. We've not had too bad a time with the slugs and snails this year, though like yours, they have feasted on our hostas xx

  5. My strawberries are fantastic this year and the Honeyberries are prolific, just not as sweet as had envisaged. The Lillies are super, mine have not opened their flower heads yet.

  6. Congrats on growing all that produce :-)
    I read that book on holiday last week, i really enjoyed it.

    I use copper tape on my hosta tubs and haven't had a problem with slugs or snails since, although the little blighters have eaten 2 dahlias and a couple of other plants, there is snail trail evidence in one particular part of the garden so I will have to try something. I did use cheap larger one year, you have to put it out every night though which is a pain, but it did work.

  7. I do love white lilies!! Yours are so pretty! What a nice harvest!

  8. Hello, I'm from the Seattle area where slugs are horrible. I used to bury plastic tubs and fill with beer. They love it, and fall into tubs to die. its gross to empty, but over a few weeks most of my slugs were gone.

  9. My blackcurrants didn't do so well this year either xxx



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