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Friday, 13 January 2017

Friday, in the warm

I'm showing these books again
I have finished both and they were both gripping.
Totally different stories and styles of reading,
 I am now looking for more titles by each author
Nothing beats a really good book to read.
Not the best photo, but the tulip bulb roots are growing
I have topped up with water, hence you can't see the beads very well at the bottom, they shrink quite quickly. I am going to wrap brown paper around the bulbs to encourage tall straight growth.
My boots and slippers arrived, both fit and are perfectly what I thought they would be, and as each was half price, to say I'm pleased is an understatement. These are the only sale items for me this year, hubby got a new pair of slippers and 2 pairs of jeans. Gone are the days of rushing to the sales to spend money on any reduced item they show to us.
We are about to purchase a few more household items, we require a new alarm clock radio for our bedroom, a filter coffee maker, I have had one of the posher machines, but I prefer to make a pot of coffee. My brother gave us some money for Christmas and we are going to use it for an air fryer, not that we eat lots of fried food, one of my work mates has one and she cooks things in her's instead of putting the oven on, it roast meat and other things well. Each will be from Morphy Richards, which is a good brand and looking at my staff price list will be a very good price.
We popped to Lidl after work for a few items, we avoided all meats our freezers are full and we are using them up in January. So far a good start to the month. I have a small spend in my craft list, but nothing else is required.
Today was my pay day and I have joined the Christmas saving scheme through our salary, each month I save £100, from January to October and in November they give it back, so I should have £1000 I don't want it for Christmas, we will use it for a good holiday for 2018 unless we fail on our monthly saving in which case it will be saved.
We have few plans for the weekend, lunch with youngest daughter tomorrow, she has just a few weeks to go in her pregnancy and if feeling a bit down.
Sunday is due loads of rain so a day inside.
We had snow for a few hours yesterday, this morning was cold and dry with a hard frost but not much of the promised ice everywhere. Typical winter for this part of the UK.


  1. I've not read anything by those authors....going to the library on Monday, I might look out for them, thanks.

  2. Enjoy your quiet weekend, we had a sprinkling of snow today, but the sun came out and it was all melted away by lunchtime.

  3. We have read a few Sharron Bolton and enjoyed them. Like the savings plan!

  4. I am fascinated by your tulips growing like that, I haven't seen this method before, I look forward to seeing them as they grow!

  5. I am fascinated by the tulips and looking forward to watching them grow. I used to save like that when I was working, it was a painless way to do it and the week it was paid out was worth waiting for.

  6. shall be watching your tulips with interest, I had slippers on my christmas list but none were forthcoming, next trip into town I will have to buy some new ones.

  7. Will be watching your tulips. Glad you enjoyed the books. I am reading a Simon Kernick one, The Witness - I like his books. Like the idea of your savings scheme too. We are trying to knuckle down this year and save as much as we can though have a lot of work on the house as it's been neglected with my mother in law not being well.



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