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Monday 14 November 2016

Fabric and wood

I made the bunting on Saturday
 One each for our lovely boys. 
 I also took this bag apart, the design had the handles stitched 3/4 up, but each time I put the bag down the handles would make the bag drape open, So I have stitched the handle to the top, and then restitched the inner to the bag, now it works perfectly. 
 I have this to go in our garden, a birthday gift. 
 I love polished wood and so I love this 'dish'
it's solid, not sure what I will use if for
its such a beautiful item.
Our weekend at home was busy, we went to Dunelm to get loads of things for our camper van, I did not want to use things from the house and never have what you need where you need it. We got loads of bargains and a few nicer things. We had hoped to be away last Saturday night, but it was just too wet for our 1st run.
I also did some more stitching on my patchwork storage bag, the inside pockets have been stitched, so I can store all my tools. I have also made plans on the outer covering, I am going to cut up more jeans, I have a few black pairs, the leg length will make handles, and I can do some patchwork, plus the strength in the denim will work well with the bag.
I also did some stitching on my Christmas tree, but I ran out of the medium green silk, so hubby will go shopping for me tomorrow, I do enjoy stitching this but often I find my eyes are too tired to stitch.
Sunday I proof read my 2015 book, it's now ready to print, all I require is a good discount from Blurb the printing company I use.
Plans for coming week read more of A street cat called Bob, I also have a couple of things to make for my 12 days of Christmas swap, from Jo's blog, I have two weeks before I post it.


  1. Did I miss a post about you getting a camper van. Are you going to post a picture? How exciting? Can't wait to see it. Your bunting is beautiful, the boys will love it.

  2. you have been busy, such lovely work as well, I hope you get away in your camper soon, my sister has just bought a camper it arrives in Feb she is very excited.

  3. Love the little bee hive, what a lovely idea. My daughter saw a cat named Bob at the cinema and thought it was really good xx

  4. I love the banners you made for the boys. You really do so much and yet you work full time!! I'm impressed!

  5. The bowl is crying out for some nice red juicy apples to adorn it! Just for beauty purposes. The boys will adore their bunting.

  6. More beautiful things, the bunting looks great.

    The wooden dish really is gorgeous.

  7. It won't be long now until those 12 Days of Christmas parcels are winging their way through the post. I need to have a trip to the haberdashery, I need some more colours for my Joyful World stitch along. It's working out quite expensive as I need to buy every colour with it being a new hobby and me not having any already from other projects. Never mind, it's worth it because I'm enjoying it so much.

  8. Where did you get your Solitary Bee Hive? I LOVE it? How does it work?

    Oh, I like the bowl and the banners too :)

  9. I've never seen a bee hive like that. And, the banners you made look fabulous. Enjoy your day, Pat



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