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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Busy weekend

Stitching this is fun
but October is too far to the right
I will alter the design to ensure it looks good
I can't be bothered to unpick
 These colours I do like
After work yesterday I worked on my new raised bed
 Looking down a tidy path, the pansies will be planted later today
 my Blackcurrant bush fits here, plus a dahlia going over
One last look at these pots, I will transplant into plastic pots
and they will spend the winter in my green house
I have now my raised cut flower bed, hubby lined the inside with plastic, the bottom section I filled with all the spent compost from the last few plastic pots I had, no roots will ever go this deep so it's a cost effective way to build the soil up. I have added compost, top soil and farmyard manure to the top of the bed, and I have already scattered some seeds, I have loads for next spring. The plastic cover is the door from my old green house it fits perfectly and will keep the cats away, in the spring we will make a mesh top for the blooms to grow through. So the last messy spot is now sorted, later I will replant my pots with winter pansies.
I have already put loads of my nice ornaments from the garden into my shed, my shed is getting full, as it does each year at this time.
We are popping into town this afternoon to get my M&S bargains and then on to Sainsburys for Christmas cake ingredients.
Tonight we are out with friends for a Chinese meal, plus a few glasses of something nice.
Tomorrow the house will smell of the beautiful spices as our cake cooks. Our youngest daughter and her hubby is coming for lunch, I have not seen her for a while, she is blooming in her pregnancy so it will be good to catch up.


  1. It's a busy time in the garden getting all cleared up ready for winter. Our grass needs cutting again but I'm not sure it will dry out enough to get it done, I hope so as it looks a mess all through winter otherwise. I ordered some shirts in the M&S sale for Mick for work, such good value, I just hope he likes them.

  2. That trug looks lovely and autumnal.

  3. Well done recycling your old compost into the new bed.
    I bought my cake ingredients yesterday, cant be organised too early.

  4. I like your path to the raised bed :)

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend. We are having a new grandchild early next year too.

  6. Have a great visit with your daughter and her husband! Good family times just makes a week-end!

  7. It is garden clean up time! I do so miss having at least a small garden. Maybe a little patio one once we move next year. Sorry about your "October". I hate when that happens!

  8. Your Cross stitch is looking lovely... It should look good if you put a little motif there.



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