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Saturday 13 August 2016

Potty again

We went shopping today
firstly we went to Wyevale garden center, it's not our most local or one we normally would choose to visit,  but they had these blue pots at half price, the two grey ones at £1.50 each perfect for the citrus pips I am bringing along. The blue pots were £16.99 and £12.99, the lazy girl at the till scanned both through at the lower price so instead of 50% off we got both for £12.99.
 I managed to break the smaller pot, almost perfect for what I required. 
 Making terraces and then planting
 I love all the little pots, and can't wait for the cacti to grow on the top terrace
 We popped to Dunelm, hubby wanted kitchen items
so a quick walk around the materials
 1 meter of both at £8.99 each
now I can make so items for youngest daughters nursery. 
Both prints are beautiful, not decided what to do with them.
We got all the shopping done, I now have my new swimming costume, and some new underwear. Hubby got loads of socks, he wears the sport white socks more often now as he wears deck shoes and trainers. Since retiring he wears totally different clothes each day, all more relaxed.
Hubby got a couple new bird feeders, he has been changing them around, he is trying to find a seed feeder which will stop the pigeons throwing all the seed over the garden. He also got a nice water feeder as well, our garden birds are very lucky.
I enjoyed remaking my mini pot, I was unhappy with how the other pot looked, but I have found another use for the pot, on it's side for a hedgehog house, it is in part of the garden where the hedgehogs come most nights, I have added some leaves, it would be nice if it did get used.
We are having fish for tea tonight with parsley mash, my herbs have gone mad, we will also bake some home grown  vine tomatoes and sweet peppers.
I will make my basket and finish a book I am reading, later there is loads of sport.
Tomorrow I want to wash my car, the weather is warm sunny and dry, so I will enjoy being outside.
Later we can relax in our garden, nothing to do unless we pop for a cycle ride or walk, either way we will take our camera's with us.


  1. The pots look wonderful planted, plus what a good deal you got. The fabric is really cute.

  2. Love your idea with the pots, the fabric is very cute.

  3. Love the fabric, I may have to slip into Swansea for a little prowl round Dunelm later. The pot garden is a great idea and looks good, nice to snap up a bargain.

  4. Those pots are a bargain, and i like what you've done with them. It sounds like you're having a busy, but productive time.
    Cathy x

  5. That's such a great way to use the pots!



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