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Friday, 18 March 2016

A finish

I love the colours
I love the design
I love the fact it's finished.
I started this mid August 2015
but stitched other projects along the way. 
I stitched on 28 ct Toile a Broder, evenweave from DMC
 This will be a cushion cover for on our sofa,
once we have decorated our sitting room
I'm not going to show loads of photo's
if you want to see more click on the link 
Broken Sash, it tracks my progress
Both design's came from this book
both I have stitched before
I decided the colours, the outer section I stuck close to the colours in the book. To ensure the center fitted in and did not look messy, again I used the same colours as in outer section, I did have to add a couple more colours. I used the line of black stitches around the diamond, to ensure the two sections looked good, it was the only place I used black thread. My choice of fabric ensured I had no blemishes to stitch over and allowed the neatness of the work.
I love stitching these patchwork designs, it's part of the reason I called my blog Poppy Patchwork. It's not about counting or fancy stitches, it's about neat little stitches, all tidy and together they make a colourful fabric for me to use.
We popped to Kingston upon Thames today, a dear friend from Spain was over for the weekend, so a long lazy lunch together, loads of gossip and chatter. Afterwards we popped into John Lewis haberdashery, I love to check every thing out, I wanted two small items, one I got the other I will look online. I saw this fabric, beautiful skirt material, reduce to half price, so enough to make a skirt for work at £21.00. I wanted a navy skirt and this sorts that and allows me to get the sewing machine out.


  1. Love the fabric, well done on finishing the stitching, I was looking at my skirts today and was wondering if I would every wear them again :-)

  2. The cushion front is just beautiful, love the colours.

  3. Wow! Congrats on the gorgeous finish Marlene.


  4. Great finish. I really love the way it turned out!

  5. Your stitching is so very neat. Love your fabric choice. I hope you have fun making your skirt xx

  6. It's fabulous. I remember you starting it and it's been lovely to watch your progress as you've gone along. Love the skirt fabric too.

  7. Your patience is legendary! Nice choice of skirt material too.

  8. A beautiful result. Well done.

  9. Your stitched piece is just beautiful!! That fabric will make a very pretty skirt.



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