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Wednesday 9 September 2015

Boys, boys boys

The most perfect photo from last weekend
Josh really enjoyed playing with Finn
Sam and Logan spent loads of time together
Logan yesterday going into school
he had a good day and was happy
Sam started today and again another happy little boy
it was great to hear them describing their school dinners,
which all children now have when they start school
 A lovely gift in the post from Nine to five/Thirfty Delux
pop over and meet her, I love her post.
I have never done pulled work, something to look forward too
 Broken sash
tomorrow I should get the next section of  Carrie Rose
but I will work on this to the end of the week.
I am enjoying the sunny weather, we have gone for a walk each day after work, not too far but enough to get me out and about, we always manage to walk through our local park. One evening we met our neighbours from further up our street, it was nice to stop and chat.
Hubby has had a busy week so far, spending today at daughters house taking a small amount off all their doors after new carpets fitted, tomorrow he will get his second game of golf.
Saturday we are off on holiday, so suitcases are out and clothes being sorted, it's only for one week, I keep telling myself, I always over pack. But the promise of a rest in warm sunshine is really appealing.
Tonight is British Bake off, followed by a new drama Doctor Foster, so an evening sewing and watching TV. We enjoyed on Monday evening watching a programme about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth and how similar their reigns are, to our delight they had footage of the garden party we went to at Windsor Castle for the presentation of the new colours to The Welsh Guards.
Work is going well, we have caught up and the problems are getting fewer and simpler, it's enjoyable in the office and all 8 of us get on so very well.


  1. I shall look forward t see how you get on with the drawn work, I have done a bit of hardanger but not drawn thread work, lovely group photo :-)

  2. I watched that programme about the two queens too, it was really interesting. Lovely photos, it sounds like the boys are enjoying school.

  3. Your grandsons are adorable. It's great when they enjoy going into school. Enjoy the rest of your week and I hope your work continues to improve.

  4. What a cute group of grand children!!Glad the boys are enjoying school!

  5. What a lovely positive post. Am v jealous of your holiday!! Could do with one lol
    I thought Dr Foster was fantastic - I guessed it was the daughter the minute I clapped eyes on her!
    Your boys are too cute!!

  6. LOVED doing Pulled Work and HArdanger . . . so many awesome, creative projects.

    Hope you get hooked like I did :)



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