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Thursday 30 April 2015

Windsor Castle and afternoon tea

We have had a special day out
here the presentation shown on BBC, 
we were not allowed to take photo's
(Colours are their flags)
 A Welsh Guardsman welcoming the visitors
Windsor castle behind him.
 The long walk
here we parked our cars
 Closer to the castle 
 On duty, these Guards men were everywhere
 A naughty photo inside before it all started.
 Afternoon tea
It was a fantastic day, all dressed up in my new frock and posh hat. 
We had a lovely view of everything inside the castle walls, the lawn was just perfect green with stripe, all very posh. The weather was kind, it was cloudy a couple of times, but no rain. We were under the flight path and close to Heathrow airport, planes went over regularly.
 Hubby enjoyed seeing his old regiment, The Welsh Guards on show. 
This is the closest we have ever been to our Queen. 
One fun moment, we were sat on the back row, with a great view, behind us, just as the guards were marching in was Sophie Rayworth, she was there to make her report for BBC news, lovely lady, very friendly.
We walked back along the Long Row, to huge tents, the Irish Guards band was playing to entertain everyone. The afternoon tea was set out perfectly, with tables covered with huge white clothes, The chocolate brownie was to die for, I did think I would share it with hubby, but after the first nibble it had to be all mine. The small bagel perfectly made, sandwiches with no crusts, with a scone, cream and jam.
The drive home was under 2 hours, we stopped and had our evening meal out, a lovely end to a perfect day. It was a pleasant surprise for hubby to get this invitation, it's a day we will remember for a long time.
At home all the rain is helping the lawn look good, and every thing is growing well in the garden including the tomato plants I put out last weekend. Off now to have the rest of a plesent evening with hubby.
I also had a surprise email, more about that next week, but it made me smile.


  1. I really enjoyed the pictures. What a special day for both of you. The food did look yummy and the guards so serious!

  2. What a wonderful day out, definitely one to remember. The only time I've ever seen the Queen was when she'd been visiting a faotory near where I worked, we were allowed out of work to see her as she was driven past...it struck me how small she looked in the car.

  3. What a lovely day, I am so pleased it all went well,The soldiers look very grand, but were is the picture of you both all dressed up :-)

  4. A day to remember!
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. Oh wow, that must have been a fantastic day!

  6. I'm so pleased that you had such a lovely day. How special.

  7. Isn't Windsor where the terible fore was? If so, that was one of the two castles we got to visit when I was in England. The other was Dover. So totally different but both beautiful in their own ways.

  8. A wonderful day to remember.

  9. WOW! What a day - and the photos are wonderful - thanks for sharing. Sounds like you had a perfect day - an honour indeed. Love the sneaky photo :)



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