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Saturday, 22 November 2014

A finish and a new design

This bulb is doing very well, the second one I did is almost dead, 
I think maybe the bulb was a dud, 
but more importantly Sam's is growing well. 
 With Fliss back home, we don't have a spare bedroom, so I have little piles of things everywhere, this one in my office is mainly house (tree) decorations.
 Presents are behind the sofa, these for Sam and Josh from their grandad. All chocolates etc are in our bedroom, tucked away so no raids before the big day.
 I have done some stitching
 I was glad to find a fox running to add, this is now stitched, not sure what to do with it, I think it may stay in my making up box for a while. I have been busy this week, I have a parcel ready to post to USA, just one last thing to go inside.
 Last night I purchased this, the design came this morning as a PDF, the designers blog is here there are a few others I like very much. This year my taste are changing. I do like to have a project on the go, this is still small for me, I am thinking of stitching it on pale blue, just to add to the subject.

This week has passed quickly and it's been a mixed week, nothing bad, just plenty of normal life stuff.
Work is good, I am now having training on the switchboard, it's very easy and done on the computer.
In my first job the lady had a huge box with loads of wires.
I enjoy  the reception, it's nice to meet and greet clients.

We had a lovely evening on Thursday, Fliss, Su and I, we did some shopping for Christmas, we had a 20% off in M&S, followed by coffee and chat.
Hubby loves his lens, he has played with it to ensure it is the correct one he wants, it was expensive, so it has to be right, now it's waiting to be wrapped and put under the tree, I will get him a couple of small surprise presents.
As for my present, still not an idea, both daughters and I went through loads of suggestions, nothing!
We are hoping to make a start tomorrow, but neither of us is in the right mood, might wait a week and see how it goes.
Tonight Sam is on a sleep over, which will be fun, Josh wants to stay with daddy, but he may change his mind, tomorrow a friend is popping in, so another busy weekend.
Monday evening we are all going to Su and David's new house, they get their keys, not to work, justy to walk around and make plans, very exciting for them.


  1. The foxes are really cute. Love your new chart.


  2. The new pattern is adorable . . . is it stitched on material with the "snowflakes" already there or will you have to add each one?

    I like the idea of making it on blue. I like traditional Christmas colors, but light blue with silvers, golds and white have become my favorite in decorating.

    The bulb is doing great. I have a "bulb glass" or whatever the holder is, but I didn't see any individual bulbs this year, so no Christmas or Winter bulbs for 2014-2015.

    Two things I ALWAYS wanted to do:
    1. work a switchboard with the wires, like the one pictured
    2. post mail in mailboxes.

    Never got to work a switchboard but, when in college, I worked at the desk in the lobby when the mail came and got to place it in all of the mailboxes . . . LOVED IT! Such a simple thing but it made me so happy.

    Have you heard anything on the news about the area in the US that got close to 80" of snow this past week . . it is about 10 miles south of us. ALl we got was 3 - 5 inches, with all but about an inch melted already.

  3. The foxes are so cute and I love the new chart too, that is so pretty. I haven't made any sort of dent in my Christmas shopping yet, I really must pull my finger out.

  4. Oh.. Great minds think alike! (well I think yours is great, I am not too sure about mine Lol) I discovered Cuore e Batticuore too! She has an Etsy shop, but given how slow I am stitching, I have not bought anything yet!



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