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Wednesday 27 November 2013

Sunshine travels to Berlin.

 I wanted a circular design on this piece, and I am glad I found one I liked, 
I have totally changed all the colours, using ones I have already stitched in this design. I was hoping to have more done, but it's been a busy few days.
 I am loving the shapes on this

We have been away again for the weekend, we went to Berlin, we stayed in this fantastic city for 2 full days, using the public transport, which was clean, on time and running almost every 15 minutes, we used trams, trains, subway and  buses. Here we are at  Brandenburg gate, a dry, sunny but cold day, and even though there were loads of people, it was not that busy.
Us at Checkpoint Charlie,  I thought the checkpoint would be more than just this wooden hut, but all the photo's show it was only ever this hut. Now in the middle of a busy street, but when it was the gate from East to West, it had loads of barriers up to stop traffic getting to close going to fast. 
These guys stood all day, ready for photo's. 

This bit of the old wall, set in an open museum, we also visited the museum for Check point Charlie, it was full of they ways people escaped the East and loads of stories how the people managed under the oppression which was their daily life. Very harrowing, but so very interesting. 

 In side every where was warm and friendly, here we had the most perfect meal, with a beer for Kev, we were here for almost 3 hours, all very rich is smells and sounds. Much nicer than the modern places where every one was in a rush.
 The tower is the TV tower, we went to the sphere to look over the whole of the city, the sky was clear and blue and the views were unbelievable. Below the Christmas markets, this one was nice, not so full of mass produced items, lots of craft people.
 This when lit up was stunning, 
it is the centre piece for the market, 
the passing children loved it. 
Back home and back to work today, I was glad to be able to sit all day, visiting new cities can be fun, but loads of walking.
I am in the mood for Christmas, I will put our tree up on Saturday, which for me is early, but it is the season to be jolly. Our plans for Christmas is going well, Logan with mummy and daddy will be staying with us, for 3 days, so with a 3yr old in the house, loads of excitement and toys.
For the rest of this week it's all about keeping warm, the temperature has dropped, but it is dry, most of the flowers in my garden have been killed off by the morning frost. Now for an evening with Kev and some stitching.

PPS still not watched "Day of the Doctor", some thing else to look forward to this weekend.


  1. That circle just sets everything else off . . GREAT IDEA ! ! ! ! !

  2. You look as though you thoroughly enjoyed Berlin and the photos are great.



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