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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A Perfect place for a wedding

This is Portchester Castle,
it's about 15 minutes walk from our house and is situated along the waterfront opposite Portsmouth harbour.

These photo's were taken last year, it's a great place to go for a walk, the moat does not go all the way around. The inner keep is the best kept part, often there are things happening here.

Inside the castle walls, where you are sheltered from any wind, there are always people there, having fun with young children and in the summer having picnics.

Also in the grounds is our local church, St Mary's, this is where our daughter Su will be married in August of this year. It is a very small church and very beautiful inside. Gav's parents were married here and both Gav and his sister were christened here.
I think the location for the wedding photo's is idyllic and proving the day is sunny I can't wait to see them.
We have just finished the wedding invitation's, we have other items to make for the day for the reception.

After Easter Su and I will go shopping for her wedding dress material and then I shall be busy with making it, I don not have any bridesmaid dresses to make, Su and Gav are having one pageboy, Josh and one bridesmaid, Shannon.

I'm now planning to work in my garden if it stays sunny on Sunday, we have a few things to move before the guy comes to do the plastering, so another busy weekend.

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