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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Catching up

 We are back from our break in the countryside, Devon is a great place, the weather was dull, with a bit of rain, but none of us got very wet. Hubbies had some great games of golf and we sat and rested and stitched, read books and chatted.

Every thing was much the same as last year, which was good, we settled in fast, I found I could not stitch my project I had taken, the light was poor for such fine work, so I started a patchwork heart, I have been designing it as I go along, adding colour and planning to add embellishments later.
 We did have a go at enameling, I had done it when I was at school, it's still the same, I decided I would make two hearts to hang from the top of  my stitched heart, I am very pleased with the finish on both. I tried to use colours from my work. The designs are made by adding glass canes on the top, they melt and form a hard cover.

I have just the top left side of the heart to stitch, I am going to have a floral pattern here, I then will add beads and ribbons, I have never added so much to my own design before.

We have had cuddles from all our grandsons, Logan in Taunton, we had a lovely afternoon together on Thursday, and yesterday, I popped in to see Josh and Sammy, mummy has been poorly so we had loads of cuddles and fun, Josh now loves my ipad, and we even had Sammy playing a "tune" on it.

We have nothing planned for this weekend, just catching up with everyone and stitching.

Heart is on 25 hpi, using 2 threads of DMC, with the size if 15cm x 16 cm, 
110 x 125 rows


  1. LOVE your heart . . . i think I have a heart obsession at the present.

    How large is your heart and what count is your cloth . it looks like the stitches are very tiny.

  2. I hope that I am able to comment. Glad that you had a nice time. Your heart looks very nice. Really good design work.

  3. Glad you had a good time. I love the patchwork heart and your enameled hearts took me back a few years when I used to do those in school but love the glass canes :)



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