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Wednesday 24 February 2010

More patterns

Just a quick chat tonight, I wanted to show you my next project,
I love patchwork, but made in cross stitch, and found the most wonderful cushion cover above here I love just everything about this, and can't wait to get it, I am off after this to place my order for the kit. When it is made I am going to place it on our spare bed, I did think I might do a second in yellow, which would pick out the colours of the room.

As for my Spanish sampler, I have finished the 1 extra panel and I am pleased with it, I already know what it will look like once it's finished, by playing on Photo Suite. In my next blog I will have a pic of it.

Well I'm off now to stitch, Kev is out for the evening so it's just me and the cat's. It is dark and raining here again, we have been for our walk tonight, and I can't see my garden, which is a mess.

We are planning to use our 4 days off at Easter to sort out the garden, we are both determined to get on with things and get it all finished. We are waiting for the guy to give us a date when he will come and re plaster the sitting/dining room and hall. We will then have a new floor laid and other than painting all will be done.

In this house we are going for a record of how quick we can get it done.

My final wish is for a sunny day so we can go off on the bike together, but it needs to be a bit warmer as well.

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