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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Cross stitch patchwork

Here I am showing two examples of my cross stitch, the first pattern was taken from a UK cross stitching magazine, I have collected many and am unsure which it came from, if I find the copy in one of my pattern searches I will add it here. I love the simple rustic design but so full of patterns and colour.

The second is an American design, I found the pattern in a book " American Patchwork Designs in Needlepoint" by Melanie Tacon, the book is full of designs I want to stitch. I would like to do the pattern as a repeat and make a cover, but thats a project for when I retire, if my eyesight permits.


  1. I really love this little heart, it's so pretty.

  2. These are wonderful!!!
    I made a few crossstitches but gave up after I realised I was unpicking more than I was sewing!
    Not good!!!!



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