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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Just stitching

Carrie Rose
Just a few purple flowers down the right side to stitch. 
Then on to the center block, just 26 rows, in this page.
Work was good, typical MOD, loads of reading, security and protecting information. I have signed up for flexi hours, and with one weeks rota where I have to work until 4.30pm, so I am pleased lots of early finishes. Second day, it was boring to read more security notices, which apply to me but is aimed at military personnel, so I was set the task of verifying Council tax bills, there were loads of them, it's that time of year, I won't complain about ours again.
It's great to be finishing at 4pm each evening, I can be home by 4.30, time to enjoy the garden.
We had a quiet Monday night in together, I was home early enough to spend an hour in the garden, everything is doing well, just need the warmer weather for everything to grow.
Tonight it's photography club, I still need to read through my home work again, it is just not sinking in!


  1. Nice to hear you have slotted back into work ok, have fun at the club :-)

  2. Carrie rose gets prettier every time you post!

  3. Glad to hear work's going ok. Enjoy photography club.

  4. Carrie Rose is so amazing. i hope you get some warmer weather soon. Enjoy the club tonight.

  5. Good to read your new job is working out well for you.
    Blessings to you this Eastertime, enjoy your garden, the weatherman just said its going to be finer and warmer than they thought ... good news for gardeners.



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