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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

At an angle

 Just a few stitches
yesterday was a very busy day
I have a day at home and hope to be able to get on with this
I need to finish it 
 Last night at photography club, we learnt about composing photo's and looking at angles, this is something I like to do, often I look up at things, so we were in the town centre and took shot's this is just three I liked.
Looking down
 Eye level
 Looking up
by changing the angle of your shot you can make an interesting shot. 
I picked Josh and Sam up from school, we had loads of Lego to play with, and a game of football in the garden. Josh was lovely, he has played up on his last couple of visits. He did fall over in the garden and badly graze his elbow, but he was brave, allowed me to clean it, and then went back to playing.
Today our top soil should be delivered, it would be nice for it to arrive this morning, allowing me time to add most of it to my raised garden, then it can settle and next week I can sow some seed's, I have a couple of glass panels I can put on top of the raised bed and can use to start them off.
The avocado and lemon and lime plants are doing well in the greenhouse.
I am also sorting, we are away on Thursday for a long weekend in Wales, on Saturday I am going to meet Dawn and Pam, I am excited to be able to meet both ladies, I love their blogs, and it is really nice of Pam to pop over.
We are also having Saturday evening with Kev's sister and hubby, they have booked a nice meal out.
With our camera's in tow, Fridays eclipse, the Welsh rugged landscape, it's going to be alot of fun.


  1. I'm really enjoying reading about your camera lessons, its fun to see the differing things you are learning to do. Perhaps some of the info will encourage me to take better pics for my blog!Enjoy your time away.

  2. A bloggy meet up, what fun. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Have a fun weekend with fellow bloggers x

  4. I really enjoy reading about your photography. It seems you are in a good program. We took a class a few years ago. All she did was say if you don't like the picture, use photo shop. That was not what we wanted. Your class seems very informative.

  5. looking forward to seeing you hope you have a good journey :-)



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