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Monday, 16 March 2015

Love stitching love

The word Nana on these cards make them the best.
 These are great too
 Eldest daughter gave me the storage box and pretty book, 
youngest gave me Jo Malone invite and a promise of a meal out together, 
which normally goes with a shopping day. 
 On the front of the box
We had a lovely lunch and afternoon, it was dull so we stayed around the house, David introduced Josh and Sam to F1 racing (on TV), and Josh a few games to play on my iPad. Sammy followed Hubby around most of the day. 
Everybody went home by 5pm so we watched a film (my choice), then hubby watched the voice and I stitched. We had leftovers from lunch for supper. 
I do miss having my mum around, she would have loved family days, but she will be fore-ever in my heart, her words help me through tough times.

 Green and blue are both finished.
Two colours to add.
Today it is dull again, we could see rain, but it was fore caste yesterday and it stayed dry, if we do not have rain today I will have to water some of my pots. We have not had any decent rain for a couple of weeks. I have a guy coming to replace the locks on our bedroom windows this afternoon, none of them are sturdy and they wobble, time to get rid of them. Not sure if my friend Cat will visit, if she does I will have sewing time.
Later we are at an extra night at photography club, being shown the finer details of Photoshop Elements, which will be good for me, I have only opened it once on my computer and closed it again quickly, way to involved for me.


  1. looks like you had a lovely family day, have an enjoyable time at photo class I am sure you will get to grips with photo shop :-)

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday and you received some beautiful cards and wonderful gifts. I enjoyed having my parents round for dinner, I know how lucky I am to still have them here.

  3. Having a catch up read, you've been having some wonderful planting time in the garden, the new chimney pots are lovely.
    I had a similar mothers day to you with the family here. Nanny time with my granddaughter - precious.
    Such a vibrant stitching project you are working on, lovely.

  4. Lovely cards and stitching Marlene.


  5. So happy you had a wonderful family day. We got rain just in time, over 2 inches. It was a very wet Sunday but at least I don't have to water.



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