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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I'm happy

This is a gardening post, with added extras
Just a couple of flowers, 
 I have planted seeds into my raised bed, just half for now, 
on the other side, some seedlings and seeds in trays.
 I started to move more top soil, I have dug loads into the fruit bed, I have loads of raspberry's coming through, the strawberries are healthy. I have buds on the blackcurrant and a few buds on the pink gooseberry. I will need to put some wire over this to keep the cats out.
 I'm in a sea of net, stopped for lunch and a quick sewing fix
I have sewn three thin strips of net onto the main piece, 
it was worse than sewing a wedding dress.
I have threaded the flexi pipes through the channels, so the net now stays in place over the raised garden, I can also get easy access to the bed. 
The reason for my title, I had an early finish in the garden, it rained heavy, enough to make me smile. I did not move all the soil but there is always another day. I planted flower seeds around the garden, I have so many seeds, I thought I would mix them up, sow them and see what comes up.
We have been told our gates are ready for collection, but my table and chairs require another treatment, the paint on them is stubborn and did not all come off.
I also did an hours stitching on Carrie Rose, photo's next time, but the ironing is still piled high.
We did studio work tonight, here's a photo I took of hubby, I really like this one, and the best bit I had three to chose from, another thought provoking evening.
Early start this morning, ironing then lunch with a friend, looks as if I should be back to work on Monday.


  1. Lovely photos.
    Good luck with the new job
    Julie xxxxx

  2. You've been busy in the garden, I haven't sown very much yet but the few things I have sown have germinated and are doing well so far. I think April's going to be a very busy month as that's when I do the bulk of my seed sowing. Glad you're still enjoying your photography class, you seem to be covering so many things.

  3. Lovely photos Marlene, I cobbled a cover together for my long bed, just some canes pushed in and some lengths of old hosepipe cut and pushed over them, then a net draped over and weighed down all round. I have 6mt nets so will not have to move them around at all.

  4. You have been busy, I've sown a few things but not much yet. Glad your'e still enjoying your photography course x

  5. Your raised beds make me itch for spring planting.

    We do have crocus' blooming, but no pictures yet . . ground is too muddy to get close.

  6. It feels so good to get the garden going. What a nice photo of your DH.



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