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Friday, 27 March 2015

Lazy afternoon.

Carrie Rose
another boarder completed
I have another boarder next to the slanting one, 
it has large flowers on, 
I am thinking of adding another pale colour, maybe a lilac.
I have had this heart for ages, 
it's heading to the back garden area
the words are mine
I had a very productive morning, I popped to the photography studio with my sewing machine, Richard had used a black sheet for a back drop, but it was not thick enough, so he purchased another two, I lined the hung sheet with another sheet, now it does not let any light through. and to the bottom of the front sheet, I stitched another to be laid on the floor, just to have a change from white. It did not take very long, and we are both pleased with the results. It's nice to help some one out.
I made another loaf yesterday, the house smelt lovely all afternoon. Josh and Sam came after school and each tried a slice with jam, treats for little boys. Josh was his lovely normal self, it was a pleasure to have both boys. Hubby is very happy with the bread, it's his favourite food and eats bread every day.
I did not do much in the garden, Martin popped over for a couple of hours, it was breezy and not so warm, but no rain. Hubby had a great game of golf and came home happy. It's nice to have a lazy afternoon for a nice change. The rain for the garden has been great, I am now collecting rain water for my blueberries.
This morning is sunny and breezy, hubby is on the golf course again, Martin is due soon, I have a bedroom to tidy, Fliss is staying with her sister for a couple of days. No plans as yet, I will wait for Martin to arrive and we can decide what to do.


Jo said...

Carrie Rose is looking fabulous, you're such a fast stitcher. I love the smell of baking bread, though it makes me very hungry. There's nothing like freshly made bread slathered in butter.

Weekend-Windup said...

Your work looks beautiful!

paula said...

Helping someone out always gives me warm fuzzies too.

LOVE your heaart . . and the sentiment is so true :)

Linda said...

Nice progress Marlene.


Barb said...

Have a good visit with Martin. Carrie Rose continues to be very pretty!

Joanne Wilson said...

It's a lovely piece of work, it's coming along well x

Julie said...

Wishing you well tomorrow as you start the new job.
Your garden is coming along lovely.
Beautiful stitching.


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