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Saturday, 14 March 2015


I am racing ahead
the yellow is the third colour to be finished
and blue is added.
The green at the bottom is the lowest point for the 'L' 
the blue and green is the top of the 'V'.
I have noticed the green in the 'V'  at the top is too close by one row, I thought I could get away with it, but it will not match the bottom stitched in 'L', so I am off to unpick the top green and blue, so much for my comments in my last post. 
It will irritate me if I don't do it. 
I have a couple of chores in the garden today, 
This pot below has been planted up for years, I forgot over the winter to remove the water saucer underneath it, so the plants got water logged, so I have a new pot of fresh plants, I will remove all the soil and start again. I love this pot. 
I purchased this tiny pot years ago, it's so small and without drainage, it's made of concrete and  I find it hard to grow anything in it. But I love it, last year I tried mustard and cress, still no joy, so this year I am going for a full on cheat, I will get some plastic green plants and pop them in. I don't think there is any other choice.
My top soil has been ordered and will arrive on Wednesday, we decided to purchase it rather than use free local soil, our natural soil is clay, so I did not want to risk having poor quality, weeds and stones. our garden table, chairs and gates have be sent for paint stripping.
I have made the template for my garden chair cushions, they are 14" round, each top and bottom will have 8 pieces of mixed colour, I am looking for something other than a button for the middle.
I must get on today, I spend too much time here in my office on this machine, OK whilst I am at home and the weather is dull, but I now have a huge list of things to do.
We got all our food shopping yesterday, so we are stocked up again, freezer is packed. For the next few weeks it will only be local shopping for bread and milk. I manage to get a pack of Easter biscuits, what a disappointment, so I will have a go at making them myself.
Tomorrow we have both daughters, and hopefully Sam and Josh, for lunch, it is Mothering Sunday here in UK, the day completely for mum's, so hubby is planning a buffet lunch much easier for the boys. If the sun is shinning we can spend time in the garden, or take our 1st vist to our local Portchester castle.


  1. have a lovely day tomorrow with your family, how about growing some pitcher plants in your concrete pot they would do well as they are bog plants.

  2. I like the basket shaped pot,it will be lovely when you can sit out and enjoy the garden, like you I am spending to much time on the computer, my reading list is growing again, have a lovely weekend x

  3. That concrete pot would also make a fantastic fairy garden too!

  4. I really like the Love design, it's looking really good in the rainbow colours. Have a great day tomorrow, I've got my mum and dad round for Sunday dinner.

  5. I like you cement containers . . they have a nice, rustic look.

  6. Enjoy tomorrow with your family. I know what you mean about picking out certain things. They bother me even if no one else can tell.



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