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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Gone potty

We had a lazy evening last night
and if I am sat down I am stitching
Carrie Rose is coming along nice
this is section 2
 We popped to B & Q yesterday, we required a few items, and got these pots, originally our water feature was here, but it needed replacing. Most of the features I liked were nearer to £200, that's alot of money for an item use now and then.
So I have made a pot tower, I will add trailing Lobelia to the bottom two pots, and I have a Geranium (Pelargonium) saved from last year for the top pot. I will have to put a bit of trellis behind pots to hide our wood store.
 This is pretty and all 3 pots for £23.00.
 This handsome plant is my March colour,
Snakes Head Fritillary (Fritillaria meleagris)
each month  I am adding one plant 
to encourage colour in the garden all through the year. 
I have to read all the growing details before I decide where to plant it. 
 The fruit garden has all my wire coated plant supports in, this will stop the cats, once the plants grow, I can remove the stays and use them around the garden. These were purchased last year, and will last a long time, they are really useful all through the year.
We popped to Sainsbury's to get some Green bottle juice, which I love, they had loo rolls on a good deal, so we stocked up, and I treated myself to a new pair of black jeans, my jeans are really grey now. First clothes I have purchased in ages, hubby got a few summer T shirts. We also got a selection of flours for the bread maker. We have just finished eating the small loaf made on Monday, so I will make another today.
Lunch with Ann was fun, we had a good catch up, next time we meet will be a Sunday, now we are both working, I am looking forward to having our last office lunch in the ward room, one guy is retiring and I've been invited.
My start date has been confirmed for Monday, so less time for craft and blogging, but I have caught up with loads of things.
We had the best surprise in ages, we had a visitor about 5pm last night, my brother Martin had driven down from Somerset, he stayed with his daughter last night and tonight, and then Friday and Saturday night's are with us, we had nothing planned for the weekend.
PS were are getting the rain our garden needs, another dull morning here.


  1. The pot tower will look good once it gets going, I had completely forgotten about them, I had one for herbs way back when I lived in North Norfolk. Your Carrie Rose is looking lovely, I am envious, perhaps one of these days I will try some cross stitch again.

  2. Those pots were a good bargain. I love snakeshead fritillary, I've got a few in my garden but they never seem to increase in number.

  3. Pretty design your working on Marlene. Your garden is looking great.


  4. The pot tower is a great idea and
    very reasonably priced too. I look forward to seeing it in flower.

  5. I like that pot tower and all the plants are so pretty.

  6. You are making great progress with Carrie Rose. You have a great idea about adding a blooming plant so to keep the color going. I just might give that a try. The snakes head Fritillary is beautiful!!



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