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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

New start

First part finished, this is 'L' out of the word Love
 Nice simple quickie for me,
I can't decide, should I use just one colour, 2 shades or 4 different colours
I aim to frame it, with a square black frame.
Your suggestions would be helpful, as this is a possible gift for someone. 
 The two African violet leaves have rooted, 
I will plant them up at the weekend, more free flowers.
My daffodils are doing well, I got them last Thursday,
 I love flowers in our sitting room.
Both Orchids are still in flower
with two more Orchids in bud
They are beautiful flowers, so sunny on a cold day
Last night was fun with Sam and Josh, Sam was dressed as Fireman Sam and had his torch, so we could rescue the cat from under the sofa (they do not have a cat), loads of laughter followed, with two stories from Thomas the Tank Engine, kisses and cuddles, he went to bed as a good boy. Josh showed me his Lego, still loving Star Wars.
Mummy and Daddy came home with a glowing report from Sam's preschool, he has more confidence that Josh had, and has settled well and they predict he will integrate into school well. It helps the preschool is in the main school buildings. Very proud mummy and daddy, and happy nanna and grancha
I have not done any sewing, busy time here, I have a pile of ironing to get through this morning. Hubby is working from home, so won't be able to use sewing machine this afternoon. I plan to have a sewing day later this week.
Tonight is photography club, we have not been told what we are doing, but it is always fun to be learning new things about a subject you love.
The sun is shinning through our windows, 
but it is so very cold outside, no plans to go out today, 
Keep warm.


  1. You get through your stitching at a rate of knots. I think I'd possibly do the letters in different colours. Glad to hear that parents evening went well, my kids went to preschool in the same building as the primary school and it does make the progression easier.

  2. Nice stitching Marlene. I like things in different colors.


  3. We have had intense slashes of sunshine between the sharp showers of snow pellets or sleet - when it is briefly sunny, as long as we are out of the equally sharp breeze - it is beautiful. I've not lifted a single crafting item in nearly two weeks - life has been beyond busy. Finally this week, I can see the light at the end of this rather chaotic tunnel! Your daffodils are a perfect reminder that spring isn't that far away!

  4. Both the flowers and the stitching are very pretty. Sounds like a wonderful evening with the grand children!

  5. Pretty colour you've chosen for this one.
    Congrats on completing the skaters, it is lovely.

  6. The stitching is already beautiful. Love the african violet.



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