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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Nothing doing

Part 4 of Maryse SAL 2015
it's so quick to stitch
I am into this French rustic style
 Carrie Rose
I've gone around the corner
and down the right hand side
 I am using the gold and blue on each side panel, the designs are all different, but it works. I have the flowers to add around the boarders and the a bit of the center to stitich, now I have completed more colour, I can stitch the central design, knowing where to put the colours. 
Yesterday was a wet and blustery day, so we spent most of it inside, I took Martin to Novatech, local computer store, and then we visited Su and David, they had started the heavy work on their back garden, and wanted advise on how much they could take away. David has a small tree to remove, it's next to the shed and is already causing problem with it's roots. Normally I would do anything to save a growing tree, but in this case I advised him, they have another small tree in the garden, which will be trimmed later in the year.  The rest of the day was spent inside, later a nice meal and we watched another film.
Martin lives alone, and enjoys company, so loads of chatter, ref children, grandchildren, our childhood, and when it's just hubby and brother, then the conversation goes a bit silly.
At this point they are both sat in my car, fitting a camera, it records front and back, is it just me or are some drivers getting more aggressive, hubby had a knock in his car 2 weeks ago, not his fault, just a driver who wanted to get in front and took chances.
Nothing done in the garden, it's getting the rain we required, just wish it was not so breezy, the petals from my Magnolia tree are littering the lawn.
Lazy evening later, preparing to start work tomorrow.


  1. It's really windy here today too. Hope work goes well for you tomorrow.

  2. Beautiful stitching, your Carrie Rose is beautiful so refreshing.
    The SAL is a beauty.


  3. All the stitching is so pretty. We, too, are finally getting the rain we need but it is very windy. Today, no rain but lots of wind!



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