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Monday, 6 July 2020

At the bottom of my garden.

We removed the arch, already there is so much light in this area, we will remove the perplex from the fence, it was there as a back to my original lean too greenhouses, as seen in this post. You can see my 2 tomato plants, which means they get more sunlight. 
I managed to dig out (with hubby's help) the passion flower shrub, I cut back most of the top growth as it was wrapped around the arch, I am not worried as the roots were great and this is a fast growing plant. I also dug out a clematis which had never grown strong, both are in my raised bed, in hope they will grow and fill the fence here at the bottom side of the garden. I have also taken 3 honeysuckle cuttings (after watching Carol on Gardeners World on Friday) in hope to get a plant to grow, this area could be very colourful. I do have other plans for the front of this raised bed, but they are for next year. 
In the corner I was able to remove the smaller square chimney, which was hidden and replace it with the matching taller chimney, both are now planted with begonias, and have enough height for the plants in front to look good. I have cuttings from the English lavender growing in hope to have a second plant on the left of this bed, not much grows in this section the ground is heavy clay. 
The square chimney is at the end of the raspberry canes, this geranium was in the bigger chimney here, I will later this week cut it back it has become straggly.  
Out side my shed, I have planted one of my new plants, and I have moved this triple planter away from the back corner, it can be seen now from the garden, my sunflower plant is growing but still not big enough to go into the ground. 
This spot along the fence outside my greenhouse is really pleasing, the triple acer which I have just popped into the bigger pot is doing well here, it's now full of flowers and colour, as before it was a messy corner.  
Looking towards the garden and house, this is along the steps to the back section, I have a Belfast sink next to my big acer, and a yew growing in the blue pot, the wall it is next to is the garage. 
I purchased this stand a few years ago, I have the idea to plant it with french marigolds, which looked pretty as seen in this post, but they only looked good for a couple of weeks, so I found another use for this, I do like pebbles around the garden, these came from the dried riverbed I removed from the greenhouse. At some point these will all be used and then I will have to find a new use for it. 
My rain chain which holds water I popped under the Magnolia tree, the small birds love using it, I always ensure there is clean water in each flower. I do have a bird bath here as well, just a plant pot saucer filled with water. We also have another water feeder near the back of the garden.
This rain chain, which is watering cans allow the rain to run through, the cans have no bottoms. 
I am really liking the garden without the arch, when we first put it up we had a climbing rose, which was always green but only ever a few flowers, it grew so fast I am sure it must have been a rambler, we took the rose away, and then in 2019 I added the passion flower, it was great, but the sweet peas I planted every year in the raised bed never grew, so the arch was never balanced. We can now see the whole of the greenhouse, it's does look much lighter, we did agree we would purchase another arch if we missed it, but I don't think that will happen, I am really pleased how the bottom of the garden looks. We did the work on Friday afternoon and I watered in everything, and was pleased as it rained through the night and on Saturday, allowing the plants to have a good drink. 
No other outside work has been done, we have had the most blustery few days, it's felt more like a warm autumn rather than summer, we sit and watch all our plants thrashing about, luckily nothing is being damaged, but I'm sure it can't be doing any good.

Will enjoyed being back at nursery, even if it has changed for him, he did not want to go, but mummy received photo's 10 minutes after she left him, he was happily playing with friends. Saturday we walked to the village and had an early lunch in our local Bistro, we were one of the 1st customers, it was great to be doing something normal, as said before I am happy to be in our village. 
Today daughter is bringing Will and George for the day, we have blue skies, so hopefully we will be in the garden, I want Will to help me pick blueberries and blackcurrants and check the raspberries. I also want him to see the tomatoes and cucumber growing on their plants. 

I have done some crafting, I will post photo's in my next post,  and I've started another book, reading from my kindle.

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Been shopping

We finally got the large size slate for our garden, since we replaced the fence we have been looking online, most places were sold out, we got these bags from B&Q, with a few other small things. The cost of each of these bags has increased and there is not longer 3 for £10, we paid £21 for 3 bags, we had little choice as we needed to match our existing slate. 
We then went to a local garden centre, here I did have a list, and only two of the plants below was on the list, they had very little of the things I wanted. The rhubarb will be put into the big tub by my raised garden outside of the greenhouse, I did have a plant, but I think I planted it too deep and it rotted. 
Seeds from both places, I am planning for my winter pots here and a few spring plants.
I managed to get an up-lighter for the big pot I keep my Olive tree in, I want the tree to light up each evening, not totally what I had in mind, but this should do the task. It's just the case of getting the right angle for the light to get the effect I want. 
At the garden centre I got some silk flowers, I still had my tulips in this vase by the patio door, I wanted a summer arrangement with more greenery in, but there was not a good choice for green leafy stems, and some were huge and really expensive, so for now these look OK. These cost me £22.52, but over the summer months I won't be purchasing cut flowers so in the long term I will save money. The tulips are packed away for next spring. I wanted it to look like a mixture of flowers from the garden. 

I ordered this weeks ago, from Glassworks, I have already a poppy, and a robin, it has already been placed with the poppy in a small window, the sunlight coming through is very pretty. 

My first shopping trip out, I disliked B&Q, they had a one way system, but people were shopping as normal and wondering around, simply because you can never find what you are looking for. The garden centre was better, they too had a one way system along the main route through, the spaces between the isles were smaller and people were having to ensure they kept their distance. It does amaze me how people will push past you, if I find someone in my way, I change my route to avoid them, I had issues in both places with people getting to close. Later I popped to Lidl, so we got everything done in one day.

We did not have to wait outside for long anywhere, it was not the enjoyable slow wander around having a look, we went to the sections we wanted and then paid and home. It was not as bad as I feared, the only down side was I could not get everything I wanted, but I can live without the other bits. 

I have no plans to visit other shops, our lifestyle is one of using what we have, not wasting anything, we have enough clothes to last this year and next. 

Its still the 1st week of July and I've spent loads on the garden, but it is looking good. Just as well I have no plans to purchase any craft items or clothes. 

Friday, 3 July 2020

Outside in my glasshouse

I saw this for sale on our local Facebook pages, it was a useful kitchen storage basket, now living in my greenhouse, I have loads of small clay pots to go in the bottom basket. 
These shelves on the other hand were expensive, I had been looking for a while for a set, these are way better than all the other shelves I have seen, perfect for this corner, I love the extra height they give me. The little bottles on top are solar and light up different colours at night. 
Most of my time is spent outside, even on wet days I am in my greenhouse, our outside space is a calm and healing place, I can waste hours outside doing very little, often hubby is working in or just outside his garage, so we are both in the same space. 
Whilst my greenhouse is a working space, I do like it to look nice, I love things in there to be neat and tidy, having one side for nasties, the back for potting, and the side along the back fence is my working area, which at this time is full of cuttings, most are doing well.
The two items above were purchased online, we are planning a trip out today to get the few items for the garden, it will be our first trip to shops away from our village, sadly I'm not sure I am looking forwards to going, but I am desperate for some blue slate to finish the herb garden. 
Hubby and I have been discussing replacing the arch in front of the greenhouse, in 11 years we have had two, this one was not expensive and is starting to rust, so we have been looking at wrought iron arches, not cheap at all, I started to think do we need the arch, you can't walk under it. So my next job in the garden is to remove the arch, and if I can transplant the passion flower to the back, so it grows up the fence behind the raised bed. That's my task over the coming weekend, Oh and to plant any new plants I may just purchase in the garden centre. July might be another expensive month, not as bad as it could have been if we decided to replace the arch. 

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Growing and picking

Will's sunflower seeds have grown, so he brought them to our house for the next stage, he planted them 2 weeks ago seen here, he has 4 and I kept this one. The other seeds in his greenhouse have grown and been potted on, mummy is hoping she gets the flowers to grow, the basil is in a nice pot on her kitchen window sill. I will plant this in the garden when it gets a bit bigger. 
This is my first cucumber, I did have a few I cut off near the bottom of the plant, they never grow straight and often touch the soil, so I prefer to wait just a bit. The plant is full of flowers, once they start to form I will remove some, it looks as if the plant will be really fertile this year. 
Tomatoes are starting to turn red, this plant is outside the greenhouse, it gets sun most of the day. I have 3 plants this year, a plum tomato is outside next to this plant and has fruit. The 3rd plant is in my greenhouse, I grew this plant from a seed taken from a supermarket tomato, I want to see if using the same seed grown at home if they taste better, because the tomatoes often don't taste of much from the supermarkets. 
My Oak sapling is in it's small pot, the crock is there to hold it upright, the dish is shallow and the roots had to be folded to go in, time will tell if I can keep this small to be a bonsai, I have no idea is this is correct way, but I'm have fun, it sits in the shade on the floor of my greenhouse. I have seen that wire is used to shape the trunk, but at this stage I just want it to grow (stay small). 
With all the success from cuttings off my Salvia hotlips, I decided I would try another Salvia, we both liked this flower, so I am keeping it in the pot for a bit longer, there are loads of tender shoots on the plant, once they get bigger I will take three and try and root them. Saving money and only bringing in one plastic pot instead of four. 
I purchased a pack of crinkly lettuce, which was lovely and fresh, I am now soaking the roots in water ready to plant up, I should get a second cutting from this plant. I have another pack in the fridge to use for now, the lettuce stays fresher with the roots attached. 

We have had loads more rain, which I'm happy about, good for the garden and saves me from having to water my pots, I did spend an afternoon in the greenhouse, I have potted my lavender into 4 separate pots, I planted cutting from the blue salvia taken from the above plant. 
I have cut back some more of the eucalyptus by the front door, I don't want these to be tree's, so I need to keep them trimmed and bushy, these cutting I have popped into water and 1 stem into the perlite, I don't think the stems in soil have taken, but I still have left them just in case the are growing roots I can't see. 

My summer raspberries are now finishing, I am pleased with the crop this year, the later summer canes are looking very good. I am harvesting blueberries and blackcurrants, both bushes have done well, the later fruiting blueberry is full of green berries. I am still picking a couple of strawberries twice a week, which is pleasing as the plants are new this year. My blackberry canes are full of fruits ripen for later in the summer. It does feel good to be able to produce any harvest. 

How can it be July already, half the year gone, if you ask me how I am doing, I would say the days pass slowly, and yet the months fly by.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

June round up

I have spent alot on my garden again this month, I got a 3rd water butt, we both felt this was necessary as our dry periods are longer and the rain not so heavy. I also got 3 Acers, all together in a pot, I have been promising myself I would get a acid green Acer for ages, the final big thing was the lights for the greenhouse. I also purchased yarn, I have a pattern ready to start knitting and I paid for another Christmas advent pack. 

As it's the end of June I have my half year figures, I have spent more than I hoped, but I have a few structure items, greenhouse shelving and water butt was not on my list to do this year, it's still much less than last year. 

I am waiting for an answer for my refund request, from the purchase of 'Clark's shoes', I don't hold out too much hope, I do think I have been had. 

We filled the car middle of the month, 1st time since March, nice double saving made by not using the car and the petrol prices being so low. 

We only did one big shop in June, we are trying to keep our larder and freezer full, who knows when this virus will allow anything like normal life and at the end of this year we have Brexit, we do most of our fresh shopping local, the village and local Co-op needs all the support we can give them. We do have another big shop from Waitrose in early July, just to have a few different items and I have been popping to our local Lidl's. We are having to ensure we check all our food in the fridge, normally we would pop to shops a few times each week, going once a week means we have to watch dates on fresh food. 

Our waste is very good, we paid a man to clear some of the bigger garden waste, I did not want to have to wait for hours to get into our local tip, we are not wasting any food and are ensuring we watch our water usage, we don't have a meter, but with so much hot weather, at some point water will get low, our water butts are full again for the garden. We do have loads of plastic carrier bags again, but we will ensure they are used as much as they can, before putting them in the bin. 

Monday, 29 June 2020

Busy clicking

It's been a weekend for crafting, I have done loads on this top, the colours look great knitted up, it feel just like summer and really relaxing to knit.
I have joined the two sides together to for the back opening and now knitting on the round, I will add buttons, but note no button holes, I will slip stitch most of these panels together and sew buttons on top, I am not the best at making button holes, so I leave them off where I can. This is 13" long, I need it to be 16" before shaping the armholes, and making the vest top.
I still am using the second hank which should take me up to 15", now it's a case of working out how much yarn I need and how much I have, I would like this top a just a bit longer. 
Crochet has been done, I love this blanket, as does Grace, every time I work on it she wants to sit on my lap, it's always a juggle to keep my work away from her fur.
I finished two more colour rows last night, the green is 11 squares, each row is one square less, so it's getting quicker to finish rows, I can see the finish line. BUT I have not stitched the ends in, so I still have loads to do. 
We have the happiest of grandsons, Will now has an electric Police motor bike, it has a box on the back where he keeps his notebook and pencil (he can't write yet), handcuffs, radio and his badge. He does have a new helmet coming, which is a police helmet, and loads of flat garden to ride around. He did have a car, but it was too bulky and not good on corners, now he is just like his Granch (hubby) with his love of motorbikes. 
We have had the best weekend, I have watched so much TV, Glastonbury through the years (huge music festival in south of UK), so much great music, it was such a pleasure, and I still have a couple to watch, two hours of David Bowie from 20 years ago. 
Today we would be hunkering down for Wimbledon (Tennis torment) and was hugely disappointed it was not going ahead,  but after other successes where TV replaces the live action with historic replays, we can't wait to see what is  on offer. 

We did pop and see Will, George, mummy and daddy on Saturday, and for the first time in months we both had a cuddle with George, I cried, mummy and daddy have decided to allow only grandparents to cuddle the boys, just making our own bubble with 3 families. 
We are planning to pop out this week, to B&Q (huge DIY store) and a garden centre, and will not cuddle the boys for the following 7 days, just to be safe, there is less virus around, but we still are not taking any risk. 

I did potter in the garden, I will post about my garden next time, I have not read anything, the TV took so much of my time. We had steady rain most of Saturday, all my water butts are again full, I won't need to water tonight, so a restful day planned. We are now having a true British summer, hot days followed by cooler wet spells, really good for the garden and I must admit I like the cooler days, it's good to have a break from the hot days.   

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Freedom at home

Hubby made marmalade cake again, we both love this moist cake, we have just 1 slice with our morning coffee each day, this time he used triple fruit marmalade, again very tasty. Have you any other recipes Maggie?
Our outside table, we have had for years, hubby stripped it back to tidy it up and match the chairs, sadly one side support for the struts had started to rot underneath, so hubby purchased a new larger square table. This is not the end of the story, the struts have been cut out and are stored in my shed, they will be handy for replacing struts on my greenhouse staging, the legs are stored as well, 4 lovely bits of hardwood, the rest has been chopped up for burning in our chimenea on a cool evening. 
Our new table is much bigger, but we often have more people here for BBQ's, it's darker, but it's just stained, hubby will sand it down and match the seating next spring. We are both pleased with how the decking is looking outside our patio doors, this view we see every time we sit inside. Grace managed to get into the photo, it was taken early morning when it's still cool.
I went on a Clark's shoe sale site and ordered 2 pairs of half price shoes, I was very pleased with myself, but a couple days later I got an email to track my parcel and found they were coming from China, I rechecked the site, it does look authentic, but it was a case of wait and see what they send me. My parcel arrived yesterday and as you can see, they did not send my shoes, I got a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, which when checking the site I visited I find they don't sell. I have requested a refund and a return label, I won't pay to return the glasses as the error is there's. I think I have been caught, oh well expensive lesson to learn.  

We did not go for a walk on Wednesday, it was just far too hot, even for the water front, we avoided the shade as we thought it would be mobbed, the news at 10 o'clock showed beaches here in the south full of day trippers, no social distancing, other places shut roads when car parks were full, loads of angry drivers.  We stayed at home, inside when it was too hot for us, I got loads of knitting done, I've finished my 1st hank of yarn and worked out how long I can make my top, I was asked how I can unpick and start again a question I am often asked, simply if it's not perfect I would only see the mistake and not the lovely top I have made, and that would stop me wearing it. I have always been the same, so starting again is always for me is an easy thing to do. 
Thursday and Friday was much the same, I am always fascinated that we can both spend all morning doing bits and bobs around the garden, keeping busy, when most our jobs are done. I have started removing the slate from my herb bed, and moved the much bigger Rosemary plant nearer the back, I have more to do, but I'm not going mad to get it all done quickly. I am toying with a trip to a garden centre, we have not been in one since early March, but I need a few items, I can't get from shops in the village. 
Daughter visited with Will and George, we stayed inside as it was so hot outside, we kept our distance, George on the rug on the floor, Will ate most of our fruit harvest, he loves all fruit, I had purchased some English strawberries as my plants are new this year and not fully producing. As ever we caught up on everything and everyone. We had a video call and saw baby Dominic and his big brother Jake for the 1st time. It's the simple family things which keep us going.
Today it is raining and much cooler, we got up to 32 on Thursday, I had been watering the garden tubs each day, the rain will top up the water butts as well as giving everywhere a good drink. So another inside day, which is OK, I have plenty of hobbies. It's becoming a typical English summer where it's sunny all week when most people are at work and wet at weekends. 

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Saving money in the garden.

This is another lovely plant, I took a cutting from a plant in my raised bed by the back door, I was worried it might die in the winter months, the parent plant survived and is now showing loads of new growth. So this cost me just time.
I purchased this plant in July 2016, it cost 99p and was tiny, I was making a garden in a broken pot, it grew and grew, I cut it back last year after watching Monty on TV, and the 3 stems all grew and the stem of the old plant grew again. So this year I cut back the 3 newer stems and potted them all in this pot, they all look healthy. 
I have loads of soft wood cuttings, both the Lavender and Salvia hotlips have rooted and are growing. I have another 3 cutting of hotlips on the go. I have eucalyptus which don't look too well, but they can stay for longer, I am hoping one might root. I have passion flower and clematis cuttings, in hope I can create new plants. 
I watched Monty on TV Friday night he did hydrangea cuttings in Purlite, no soil, so hubby wanted us to have a go, so here are 2 hydrangea, 1 clematis, 1 rose which we did on Saturday, all looking good. In the second pot I have 2 acers, they were from very long branches, my thinking always is 'if I don't try I will never know'.  
My next project is with this Oak sapling, I purchase a sage plant and this was growing in the pot, there is no way I would want an Oak tree in my garden, but I was not going to let it die, so it's tiny, I love Bonsai tree's, I am going to pot this in a shallow dish ( I have a spare one), use the restrictive compost and see what happens. I still have my Acer Bonsai, but it has no leaves, it's not dead, just not growing.
Most of these plants here have cost me nothing or just pence, the green shrub came from a neighbour, the Agapanthus I separated a plant in my garden and moved some here. The Salvia hotlips cost me £1 for 2 plants. Not so cost effective are the eaten French marigolds, I got them cheap from Lidl's, they still have some growth, so I will leave them, they might come back. 
I hate to waste anything which comes into our house, I still use a coffee filter jug, I looked at pods for just a short time but did not like throwing away the pods. Through the summer (hot) months, I save my ground coffee and filters, they dry out quickly, the greenhouse smells wonderful. This gives me a good supply to last through the year. 
The dried filters I use in the bottom of pots, instead of crock, I prefer the filters as they allow water to drain, not so quickly as crock. I do keep broken pots to use with the filters in bigger pots. The coffee I pop on the surface of my garden when I have problems with slugs and snails, they don't like going across the gritty coffee. I don't use huge amounts to upset the balance of my soil, but I do use more around my roses and on acid loving pots. Most days we make 3 pots of coffee, so I do have a good supply, the drawer I store these in smells wonderful each time I open it. 
I swap plants as often as I can, I separated primroses last month and passed on loads of new plants, I have new strawberry plants this year and will keep all the runners for new plants. My daughter purchased some white lavender plants, which I potted up for her, a bit fell off one plant, so l planted it, it would be nice to have a white plant. I have got very brave on splitting plants, something I refused to do for years. Later this year I will dig up my beloved Peony, both daughters want a plant, so I will take roots from the edge, I would be devastated if  I killed this plant, the new plants will be tiny, and will have to be grown in pots for a few years.   
I look at our local selling Facebook pages and have purchased loads second hand, our garden is established and most times I don't want to add brand new items, they always stick out, which is only good if like Kirk I want a statement pot. 
I always purchase good compost, I have had some terrible outcomes with cheap compost, I do get through loads of plants, I garden organic, and bugs, slugs and snails as well as the birds have their feed, I do try and limit the damage, but I can't use chemicals, we do have hedgehogs in the garden, whose numbers are in decline and I can't risk hurting them. 
I think the honest thing to say here, is I spend more on my garden than all my other hobbies, as my stash spend list shows each month, but the joy I get from working outside, and the joy we both get for sitting watching wildlife, looking at the plants is immense. We both love to stop for morning coffee and cake and just sit, often for an hour or more, because that's what a garden is all about, enjoyment. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Now in a heatwave

I have started knitting, I could not find a design I liked so I decided to knit the design I purchased the yarn for, but with a few changes, the length would be adjusted, firstly I found a simple pattern which used the same yarn weight and needles, I then did a test swatch to get an idea of my tension. I used the simple pattern to help ensure I have enough stitches, this should be a bit loose at the bottom.
I started knitting on the round, and found it was rather big, so I went back to my pen and paper and started again, this time I decided to have the opening at the back as shown in the original design, the opening will go to the middle of my back, I am not putting button holes in, I will sew buttons on top and ensure the back does not open. The design will not have the flowing bottom section, I am ensuring I have the correct width, so it looks correct, I don't want it a tight fit. This so far is less than half the 1st ball, so I have enough yarn, I am loving the colour, it's so bright and summery. 
I often pop my item on the floor when taking photo's, it's a bright spot and often the item is big and here I have loads of space, as you can see my production team as always are on hand, they are a nosey 
Two more books read, we spend time inside at the hottest part of the day, these books are over 200 pages, but I am a quick reader, I might have a break from murder and read something different, there are loads of books in this series. These are 45 and 46th read for this year. 
I have been looking for an acid green acer for ages, and promised I would have one this year, then lockdown came, I saw some being offered by Groupon, but worried about the quality, so I looked on line, these came from 'You garden', through Amazon, the packaging was great, I would use them again.  There are 3 plants in this pot, for now I will keep them together, but I am considering removing the red plant. 

Already this morning it is hot, we have stripped and remade the bed, which will be on the line soon, nothing beats clean linen bedcovers, hubby is out playing Petanque soon, I will take the time to steam clean our wooden floors, everywhere is so dusty with the doors open, the recent rain storms have washed away most of the smells from next door, experience tells us in this heat they will be back by the weekend, so we make the most of our outside space when we can. 
Later I will go for a walk with grandsons and daughters, along the beach at Hillhead, I will have to drive there but it's still quite local, I am hoping for a sea breeze.
We are being allowed more freedom, for me it's a scary time, I feel safe with hubby at home and in our village, and with both daughters, but I am worried about others, everyone interprets the rules differently, some disregard them, so life is going to be interesting. We have no plans to pop to a pub or eat out, BUT we will have a coffee and a cake at our local bistro in the village, we are supporting our local companies, already we have taken our winter coats to our local drycleaner. 

Monday, 22 June 2020

This wet weekend

Hubby downloaded these books onto my Kindle, I have read all three, they are from a set of 17 books all with DCI Ryan based in Newcastle area. They are billed as stand alone books, but follows a much longer plot, in each book they refer back to previous cases (books). This make 44 books read this year.
I found the fabric to match this yarn, it's a light weight cotton, they go together perfectly, I am now looking for a pattern for the yarn, the company were not able to send me the missing ball from my order. They offered me a full refund, but I have chosen to keep the 300grms I have and find a simple pattern, I just love the colours. 
I have finished these socks, they are another Christmas gift, I purchased loads of colours in this yarn back in January and will start another colourful pair. 
We have another grandson born on Friday, mummy (husbands daughter) and baby are both doing well after a shaky start, he was a big baby which caused a few problems. They live near Derby, so it will be ages before we see them, but we can keep in touch by video call. Our newest little man, Dominic, our 8th grandson, no grand daughters and now no chance of any.
Both daughters met up for a walk with 4 grandsons, looks as if they had loads of fun, without getting wet from rain, shame the rules didn't allow me to walk with them, still this photo, one of many sent to me, shows just how much fun they had. Another local beach, with Isle of Wight in background. 
Today George is 7 months old.
The weekend started dark, windy and wet, by Saturday tea time the sunshine was back, and it was hot, I spent an hour in the garden, I picked strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and some blackcurrants, sounds wonderful, but in truth only a small bowl enough for hubby and I to share.
It was too wet to visit daughter on Friday, so another day at home, I am feeling very hemmed in at the moment, but I really don't want to be going out anywhere, hubby went out on his motorbike and enjoyed an hour, he took his own coffee for when he stopped, there are some great viewing points locally, I had a lazy afternoon reading.
Sunday was Fathers day, youngest daughter popped in for a garden visit with Will, then home with daddy (SIL) having his special day with Will and George, we did not have plans, but managed a lovely walk along the water front. Later more reading and relaxing, but no garden fresh fruit, Will ate all our berries, he does love fruit. 
 I am also making plans to change the herb bed, I do love the herbs, but the design waste alot of space, I am hoping a friend can make me a metal ring for my tender herbs, if not I will be on the hunt for a structure to grow some herbs closer together. Hubby agreed the space could be used better whilst laughing at me, no more jobs in the garden !


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