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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Work and play

Last night we went to a local beauty spot, to capture the night sky,
 up on the hill it was cloudy so we played
 The guy had a lit object on the end of a piece of string 
and then he twirled it fast, you can just see him in the middle.
Above with a longer shutter speed.
 Slowing down the shutter speed 
We spend most of Saturday outside, 
I have sorted the new staging in the green house and planted loads of seeds, 
mainly tomatoes, peppers cucumbers, and a few flowers. 
 We had to go to B&Q, to buy wood for my raised vegetable bed and a few other bits, and these flowers and carrot seeds fell into my basket. The total was just over £100, but we used a gift card we had from Christmas and only paid £9.86. None of these purchases will be added to my hobby list.
Daffodils look great in this blue pot. 
 Hubby has built my raised bed, we now have to line it, and then add some plastic tubing in three spots on both sides, they will hold the poles for the frame to cover with netting, to keep birds and insects out.
We are hoping for another sunny day, unlike most of the country where it is expected at best to be dull. This morning we are  going to finish the raised bed so I can tidy the back raised area, I also need to check on-line for local top soil to fill the bed. I would like to be able to sow seeds, I have a couple of glass panels to protect any seedlings when the cooler weather returns.  I am getting a quote to have the gates and patio set dipped to remove all the old paint, ready to be spruced up for the summer.
Later we have friends popping in, Fliss will be home from her visit to Somerset, hoping we get to see Su and David as well.
This evening I hope to stitch, I think I have miss counted on the bottom yellow section, it is too close the the cerise letter, and I will have to rip it all out.
Another busy day after a restless night's sleep, my knee's ache after standing around for a couple of hours last night, oh well can rest tomorrow.


  1. The raised bed looks great. I need to get some wood for the beds at my allotment as they're all rotten and not very upstanding at the moment. I'm not looking forward to paying for it though.

  2. Johnny contact local scaffolding companies see if they have any old boards, we usualy sell ours on ebay for people to use as raised beds but I have been claiming them lately.

    I hope all your seeds flourish what are you planning in your new raised bed :-)

  3. Everyone seems to be preparing their gardens and planting seeds, its a wonderful time of the year.
    Your new raised bed looks lovely.
    Enjoy your family time.

  4. It's the start of the busy season. It was nice to have a warm, sunny day yesterday to get on with some things but it's dull and drizzly here today. Your raised bed looks great, it will take some soil to fill it, such a great size.



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