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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Almost there

This is the center corner it's looking good, 
yet again my choice of colours
 I have just a small amount to do on the center panel down the left
then it's packed away until the next section arrives which should be May.
My gardening books have arrived, and at a great bargain
James Wong, £5.99 instead of £20
Carol Klien, £4.99 instead of £9.99
I love both these authors, they are brilliant gardeners, 
and with very different styles, so loads of reading 
I am not doing much in the evenings, I check and water my greenhouses, ensure that nothing has been damaged with the gusty wind we are enduring this week. Sam has promised to come and help me on tomorrow, we can sort out seedings and plant a few more seeds, things are a bit behind this year, but April is the month for every thing to catch up.
Tuesday in photography club, we had another studio night, with a female model, she was so good with all of us, and even stayed to see the photo's we took. I can not publish any on line, I did something to my camera and it was taking with a blue twinge, on one photo, I had the contrast too high, but the result was great, she has a angelic light from behind and I caught her blue eyes, which stood out beautifully. I did admit it was more luck than talent, but I was pleased with the photo's.
I now have to submit photo's for the competition, which I know I won't win, but it will be fun seeing what everyone is taking.
Last night was a sit and stitch evening, hence the progress above.  We are now at the start of a long Easter Weekend, if the weather holds out, we have some fun things planned.
Tonight I am stitching, my aim is to finish Carrie Rose, I am itching to start a new project.
I hope you all have fun and productive weekends and enjoy the extra days with loved ones.


  1. Lovely progress Marlene.


  2. Marlene that is beautiful, you are so talented. Gorgeous colours!

  3. Your cross-stitch is stunning and looks very complicated. I'm a fan of James Wong and Carol Klein, so those books look like great value. I'm from Hampshire too, and grew up on the south coast :)
    Cathy x

  4. What a bargain on good books. I have lots of gardening books too. Tomorrow I am going to post pictures of our trip to the Tulip Festival. It was just amazing!!



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