Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sunday evening

Baking on a Sunday
Paella and Quiche for mummy and daddy
 Lunch size quiche's and paella for us
Lemon Meringue, Marry Berry's recipe from BBC food.  
I don't do enough baking, hubby is such a good cook, but I do enjoy some time in the kitchen, my Maliee Quiche recipe is here, its made without pastry, which is a bonus for me, I have 4 small quiches for my lunch, they do have cheese in, so hubby can't eat them, but he is not a fan of quiche.
We are having a coffee and the first slice of the lemon meringue, my lemons were big so I only used 5 instead of the 6 in the recipe, I also cut back on the sugar in the meringue, so it's a good tart flavour, just how we like it.
Last night we were with friends and had a Chinese takeaway for supper, plus a bottle of Presecco, I stayed out to mid night, which surprised me as I only had about 5 hours sleep, it was fun to sit and chat.
Mummy and William are back home, we took the food to their house and was surprised they were back, but being very sensible they were making time for just the 3 of them, so after only 5 minutes we came away, and will catch up with them later in the week.
Thank you for all your wonderful comments, it's lovely to have a new baby in the family, we are looking forward to getting to know him as he grows.
Later I will be finishing knitting the baby jacket and if I have enough wool a tiny hat as well. 

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Welcome to William

William Jonathan arrived at 2.58 am this morning
My Amaryllis is blooming 
 Valentine flowers 
 Another good book to read, whilst waiting last night
We were in the hospital until 5.30 this morning, with Granny, it was lovely to share the moment, our newest family are all doing well, so lovely to see mum and dad with William. We will pop in to see them this afternoon.
So a quiet day at home, I want to do some baking so when daughter goes home on Sunday, there will be a couple of fresh meals in their fridge. Plus an early night for us both later.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

St Valentines Day

Hubby saw this and thought of me
 I normally get cut flowers (not roses) 
for Valentines Day
I was also given this scarf, I had seen it before in M&S
I do love the colours.
Dinner for two, and more flowers
Tonight, home from work, I entered into a candlelit home,
 warm and cosy, a chilled glass of Prosecco, 
I am married to a romantic, even after 35 years together.
Lovely meal into together, we are about to find a film to watch.

Going to see youngest daughter tomorrow evening, she will be in hospital on Thursday for inducement, so sometime soon we will meet our youngest grandson.

Hope your evening is as fun as ours. 


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