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Friday, 18 September 2020

Getting back to craft

It's the most basic of starts for the cross stitch stichalong, I found the middle of the fabric and created the boxes to the left, there will be 3 rows of 4 boxes. I have 2 other boxes for the right hand side to make. I have counted these rows and recounted them, I can be the queen of 1 stitch out and with my mind set at the mo, it's a huge possibility. 
I managed to sort the issues I had with the heel of this sock, it's not the design, I have knitted this one loads of times, but for some reason I could not get it right this time, now all I have left is simple rows and the toes, soon another Christmas gift finished. 
I finally picked this baby dress up again, I had got to the bodice, so I started on the design, I just need to do 16 rows before I divide the armholes and go onto straight needles.
BUT, and these days there always seems to be a but, I miss counted on the pattern, it looks off, so I have unpicked back to the garter stitch after the ribbon holes. Totally another stupid mistake by myself, so I am ready to start the bodice again, I have decided not to have the pattern on the back, this will simplify the neck opening, I don't think it will take away from the overall dress design.  
I was given this book and it's been on my shelf for months, I did not have many expectations on the plot, I've never read a book by this author before. It was always a case of he did not do it, but why and how? could the author hold me to the end, it was clever read, I enjoyed it very much. Book 62 read this year. 
I have purchased more yarn, this was on special at £1.49 per 100 grms, I now have good quality yarn for small ripple blankets to sell to raise funds for our local Downs Syndrome group, we have sold one already, so I need to get clicking. There are 18 balls of 75% superwash wool 25% nylon, it's 4ply as always, the pink/purple was purchased so I could make something for myself, I do love the colours, with extra for a blanket. The yarn feels very soft. 
Thank you for your comments on my last post, I do feel we are heading for another winter of discontent very different from the 80's, 2020 is not going to end well. I like to plan and make list, which is difficult in these times, we are well stocked and should be OK for a 3 month period, for food, crafting and general good well-being. I think the new year is going to be the crunch time. 

We had a lunchtime BBQ with daughter, Will and George on Wednesday, lovely time in the garden, the sunny weather is brilliant.

Thursday we did do work outside, which our mad cat woman next door, took a dislike to, so she shouted and screamed at us, racism, swearing and more accusations of drug use, so I called the police, sadly its the only way to get a quiet life and stop her. She called the local council, who visited and are taking no action, we are totally legal. We did finish our task, it's our garden and we will have it how we want it, photos next time.

Today we are meeting a couple of friends for lunch then back to ours for a sit outside in the sun. 

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Changing seasons

The outside table is very colourful, I purchased these cyclamen from our local shop, they are beautiful, and work well with the other plants. Soon it will be time to pop both the plants in the back in the greenhouse for the cooler months.  
I moved my fruit pots around, they were crowded at the back, so I pulled the blackcurrant and blueberry tubs forward, I was going to get rid of the pink blueberry, but found I did have space for it. I have popped out more flowering pots, more cyclamen and a pot with snowdrops in, changing the look of this spot. 
I have loads of seedlings, but they are not as big as I wanted them, I am hoping they will have a big growth spurt in the coming weeks. these should all be in the ground by the end of the month. 
More spring bulbs all new this season, purchased here and here, I do have 2 more pots to fill, there are more bulbs coming via an internet order, plus a couple of plants. 
I also popped in some sweet pea seeds, which as you can see are growing, these are staying in this pot until next spring, I am hoping for strong plants for the garden.  
After cutting all the babies from this pot and giving it more soil and feed, the strings are growing again, I always knock my head on this pot, but I do love it hanging in the greenhouse. 
I have a thing for string of pearls, these are in the greenhouse, coming along nicely, I also have 2 pots of them in the house. The small white pot is for Will to take home for the kitchen window sill and I will gift another to my sister
I am in need of my garden again, my anxiety levels are rising, with all the negative news coming from everywhere, I feel as if I want to curl up and stay in bed. I am finding the news is more about what they think will happen rather than what is happening, everything has a spin on it, using the worse outcome headline. The reporters only want to tell us about the failings, and find out what went wrong, telling about studies where the state the obvious, how any times have we shouted at the TV, 'you needed a study to find that out', I've stopped watching the news again, I prefer to read what I want to know about online, it's not putting my head in the sand, it's about sifting the rubbish from the news.

I do feel safe in our village, we can get most things local and are using more local shops, the rest is purchased online. So many friends have children or grandchildren with colds, it's normal this time of year, baby George has had the bad cold, everyone is on the look out for the virus, so is the winter months going to help us get through the next phase, staying inside our homes. 

We have full cupboards and freezer, we have a comfortable home and I have loads of crafts I can do, but I am not able to concentrate on some designs.  I have 3 books coming, I have read book 1 of the set of 4, plus I have been given more reading books. We don't go shopping much, we removed ourselves from the commercial roundabout many years ago, so in theory our lives should not be that different from last winter. 

The shadow of the virus and the impact on everyone's lives is always there, even if I avoid the news, someone will say something or I read another item. It is no surprise we are having a second wave of infections, it's that time of year for viral infections, it is cold and flu season. 

Monday, 14 September 2020

So and sew

I've pulled out all I need for the stitch along with Jo, I decided on a natural coloured evenweave 28 count, it's stiffer, just in case I decided to frame it. 
I pulled out colours from my stash, I have loads of silks (floss), these look well together, normally I love shiny Christmas colours, but I don't think they would work on this design. The last time I did cross stitching was in 2018, I have not finished my last project, it was one I choose to get me back into stitching, but sadly it did not work. 
It's a lovely design.
Back in May I made an updated list of crafts to do, I had ticked a few off the previous list, the only thing I have done in any amount is knit from my stash, but I have also added to my stash. My loom is sold, I could not use it without getting back ache and I am hoping the new owner is having a great time with it. My rabbit is in bits still and my 2019 book is not halfway through making. So I'm not going to redo my list, it's here for all to see. Summer months are always low on my crafting time, garden calls every sunny day and this year we have had loads of sunny days. 
I enjoyed this book, I have read James Patterson before, not really a festive book, but it's a tale of misleading and catch up. This being my 61st book read this year. 
I have been given these quilting templates by a friend, it is something I would not use, there are 4 sets of shapes with varying sizes, plus a few other items, which all fit into a A4 envelope, so if there is anyone here in UK who would like these then please leave a comment. If I have more than 1 comment names will go into a hat, sorry only UK because of the cost of posting. 
A closer look
Saturday we had a lay in, it was lovely not to have to get up and get going, after a slow start we walked to our village, did a few things and then had lunch in our Bistro, I always feel safe here, they have always had high cleaning standards, and these days they follow all guidelines, when you get your food, they give you a card for the table, which is left on the table until it is fully cleaned after you leave, including the chairs and the menu. Lazy afternoon in garden and inside reading, homemade pizza for tea, most of the ingredients were in the freezer, with a bottle of red wine. We had the last night of the proms on TV and we read together, a perfect lazy day for us and much needed. 

Sunday I spent the morning in the garden, hubby cut back the tomato plant, we have loads of green tomatoes in a paper bag to ripen. I moved a few pots around, and did some deadheading, I also planted my forget-me-not into bigger pots. Later we had birthday cake a younger daughters house, it was her birthday, followed by another lazy evening. I did have to water the garden and all my pots, but it's a job I enjoy doing, taking time to check every part of the garden. 

Saturday, 12 September 2020

Nanna duties

Look at the smile on Wills face, he wanted to go camping, so we built a tent in our sitting room on Monday morning, later it was moved outside. He does not camp simply, he had games, his tiger and lion for company with loads of cushions and even a fake candle next to his snack pot.
We did get to watch Bob the Builder Christmas special again, I do have other Bob the Builder DVD's and loads of others, but he loves this story. 
With George it's all about texture, so we were showing him plants in the garden, lovely photo of George, terrible angle for me. Like any baby, he loves music and lights, but we are encouraged to let him feel things, and limit plastic, as it always feels the same, so I am building a sensory box for him.
I have so many items we can explore together, he does love this Welsh love spoon. 
It's been a busy week, George had an early eye appointment on Monday morning, so we had Will sleep over on Sunday, giving mummy time to devote to George, his results are good, he has no issues with his eyes, no need for glasses and his next checkup in 1 year. We were not surprised at this as with his hearing we can see he does not have any huge issues, he is also vocal which is good, but only time will tell if he has speech, so we are already using sign, Makaton.

We had George on Tuesday whilst mummy had her hair done and again on Wednesday whilst Will had his swimming lesson, both times only for a couple of hours, both times ensuring we played with him. He is really getting quick at moving around our floor to get to anything he wants, I keep saying he is a very determined little man, he watches his brother and wants to join in with his fun, Will is really good ensuring George has toys to play with. George loves Purdy our black and white cat, she comes close to George to allow him to touch her fur, Purdy is the gentlest of cats, so it's a good match, when she has had enough she goes into her basket, so we will teach George the same as we taught Will and other grand children, when our cats are in their baskets they don't want to play.

Thursday Will had a video call with Great Ormond Street, they have added him to the surgical list for the removal of his birthmark on his lip, no idea of a date, but hopefully done before he goes to school next September, it was hoped it would shrink, they should have visited but it was decided a video call would work saving a long trip to London. 

Friday we again had George, whilst mummy and daddy had a day out with Will, they went to look at military tanks in a local venue, and had lunch together. We normally only see the boys a couple times a week and other than Wednesday  morning always with mummy. It's been a tiring week, but loads of fun, George is at an interesting stage of discovery, plus he has naps so we get coffee breaks. 

All our older boys are now back to school, very different for them, but they will adapt and enjoy time with friends, school is an important part of growing up and our children are making unique memories of this strange time.


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