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Friday, 16 November 2018


Using the leftover wool
 Random at it's best
Unimpressive knitting on my shawl
These last 4 rows have been unpicked 6 times along with my attempt on the lace section,  I have rewritten the pattern into a format I can understand, but somehow I have managed to complicate this beyond belief.  So far, the best I have gotten to is pattern row 7. Each time I drop a stitch or get myself so muddled. So it's packed away until I can think straight, because the pattern is right, it's just me.
 Again this morning more leaves, I picked up leaves 3 times yesterday, and there are still loads on the tree. I love this Magnolia tree and normally nothing is a chore.
I am tired, did not sleep too well last night, my ongoing issues with my left shoulder and side are full on, it's nerve damage, so very little can be done, and almost nothing I can take which does not turn me into a zombie. I have been living with it for 6 years, so I can on most days deal with it, but today is going to be a long day, plans are being shelved.
I have got to a point where everything is a chore, the tiredness has been creeping up on me, plus all the brain fodder with the last 4 weeks, I taking today as my selfish mini-meltdown time.
4 weeks ago hubby was being prepared for surgery, today he is up about and walking well, his huge wounds are healing, bruising have almost disappeared, how wonderful are our bodies, he still can't lift or pull, but he is doing loads for himself, and together we do the rest.
On the plus side my 1st wool order has arrived, so I will be doing more to my ripple blanket, I find the ripples relaxing and calming, which is just what I require today. 

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Meanwhile outside

The garden is still giving, loads of flowers and berries around the plot, the birds have started eating some of the berries along the back hedge. I am picking up leaves every day, mainly the huge leaves from our Magnolia tree, Tuesday afternoon was so mild, I enjoyed time outside, not alot of work to do. I have planted my birthday bulbs, except the grape hyacinth, which I have given away, I prefer English Bluebells in the garden.
Everything in the greenhouse is OK, my raised bead gives me so much joy, my strawberry babies are looking good, should have great plants next spring.
I noticed my Hyacinth's in my pot are growing again, so fingers crossed for a Christmas show, plus my Amaryllis have shoots, but both look as if only leaves are growing, so I will pick another bulb up, next time our local market is on.
Wednesday I had lunch with a friend, just a normal thing to do, it felt so good, hubby  had a checkup with Doctor in morning, and all is well, he can now stop wearing the awful stockings, he is active enough not to need them.
I am reading more at this time, I have done a small amount on my shawl, and a couple more rows of my ripple blanket, but I am waiting for my wool orders to come, which won't be before the weekend.
Hubby and I pop out most days, only local, but it good for him to be walking, and the weather has turned so mild and sunny for a few days.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Here I go again

This is now the width I require, I used a much bigger hook for my chain, it allowed me to keep it neat and loose, so I am now very pleased with the first row, it's not tight and lays flat to the width I require. Just waiting for my yarn to arrive, on reviewing the amount of yarn required, I have placed a second order, and added the extra cost to my stash list.
I have booked myself on a needle felting course near Oxford, it's something I have wanted to do for ages, I even have items in my stash for this craft, and a nice book for reference, it's shown on my side panel, under things to try. It's not until April next year, but I am excited to be going. The last craft I want to do more, is tatting using a finger shuttle, I was shown how to make lace this way a couple of years ago, but I need to practice more, I again have everything I require.
Hubby is now going out and about more, we try and go to supermarkets when they are less busy or visit the smaller ones. At this time of year it's hard to get out and walk without getting wet, the weekend and last few days are a perfect example of the heavy showers about. He is pottering around the house and garage, which helps keep the boredom at bay. I am keeping an eye on him to ensure he does not lift anything. But it is really nice to see him back to himself, he is also making lunches, just simple things, we keep a stool in the kitchen so he can sit. Anyone who knows me, will understand I am not a domestic goddess in the kitchen, I don't enjoy cooking, I would rather clean and tidy, but it has been fun cooking meals for us both, and once hubby is fit, I hope to cook more often.
This morning I am going to sign class, it will be nice to catch up with everyone, I have a few thank you cards to give out.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

WOW, I finished

Whilst I love this ripple blanket, I'm not completely happy with it, I used all the colours three times, and had enough to do more rows, I am not happy with the size. The first photo shows it on the bed it's was made for, and you can see it does cover the bed but with very little falling down the side showing and even less on the other side. When I started, I measured the chain row across the bed slightly stretched, as I thought the design would lay flat, BUT I did not allow for the ripple effect which shortened the width.
I kept going because I did not want to unpick, and I still won't unpick. I loved the random way I have used each colour, never planning more than two colours ahead, it has been very fluid all through. As the biggest project I have made, I have enjoyed every moment.
So last night I sent photo's to my sister asking if she would like to purchase it for her craft stall, for just the cost of the yarn as a one off item. She loved it and wanted it for her sitting room, she has new sofa's and would love this to drape, so I have sold it, now I am going online to order more yarn, this time I will get two balls of each colour, not including the 4 colours I already have, I am staying with Patons, Baby Smiles, 4ply, I love the feel in my hands. The extra yarn will allow me to make it much wider and the full length of this bed.
I have nothing to add to my stash list as the replacement yarns are just cheaper than the amount my sister is paying for this, because without the sale, I would not be purchasing yarn to redo this blanket.
I am pleased and excited to be starting another ripple blanket, and at this time of year it will keep we warm as I am making it.
I'm getting a bit fed up with all this rain!!


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