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Monday, 14 August 2017


I have baked another Lemon yogurt cake
we both love the taste the recipe can be found on my page at top of blog. 
 We will be over run with tomatoes soon, so I decided to strip the yellow tomato bush of all it's fruit.
I have four pounds of unripe tomatoes, so I am going to make green tomato chutney.  
 This citrus juicer cost me £1.43 in the sale
I will use it in my greenhouse, I will make wider holes for planting seedlings.
 Another clever purchase is these four plastic rings.
They should be used over mixing bowls, but we required something to keep the pigeons away from our feeders, they don't manage to eat much, but they do manage to throw all the seeds across our garden.
On the plus, reduced in Wilko's just 25p each. 
I had the most fantastic weekend, Saturday, I spent most of the day reading, The Shadow Sister, Lucinda Riley was good, I have read The Angel tree by her before.  I also have read When the music's over, Peter Robinson, which whilst well written, it was not a subject I would want to read again. I am now reading The Crow girl, Erik Axl Sund.
Sunday  doing housework, a bit of baking, again loads of  reading, later after hubby came home we went for a nice walk. Having the sunny warm weather helped as I could sit out side for most of the time.
This morning I spent time in the greenhouse, it looks much tidier without the tomato plant, I have loads more room. I have cut the plant down to one small shoot, I am going to try and see if it will grow and I can get a late crop, the greenhouse is in a very sunny spot. Hubby cut the leaves off the second plant outside, that too is full of fruits.
Later we took the bus into town, only I had to pay hubby has his bus pass, I won't get mine until I can get my government pension. We did not stay too long, just the few bargains above, we then walked to the garage and picked up our camper van, all serviced ready to go away later this week. We popped to the main library in hope for more titles from a couple of my favorite authors, I was very disappointed, I thought our local library was better stocked.
Soon we will pop for our evening walk.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Week two

Will came over today, so loads of floor play
he is 6 months old next week
He is now sitting in a highchair and eating selected foods
He was good with lunch and even drank water from a new cup
 I am a coffee drinker, never instant always fresh, we have a filter coffee maker, which when we are both home it's cost effective.  When I am home alone or hubby wants to drink tea, I don't often put the coffee pot on. Solution at our local Co-op, 10 bags reduced to £2.49, I got a pack, liked the coffee so I went back and got a few more packs whilst they are on special.  
More saving money, trip to our local library
This time I got four new authors. 
 We planted the hydrangea in a corner spot, 
looks a bit small, but give it a couple of years.  
 Hubby was driving disabled children today, 
took a trip to Fishers Adventure Farm Park, 
he had 3 hours there by himself, and promises next year to take Will for a visit.
I love metal birds and had been looking for a small chicken, hubby saw this and thought of me. He also loved the over sized hedgehog and he came home as well. 
I really enjoyed having Will this morning, mummy came home early afternoon and we walked to the nice coffee shop for a thank you treat. It's great watching Will with people, he loves everyone, we sat close to an elderly lady who took a shine to Will, he smiled and grunted to her delight.
I managed to do a small tidy of the garden early this morning, everything is looking good. Win's nephew was in the house next door today and has gifted me two large lovely pots, plus an Azalea which I will pot up.
I am home alone for a couple of days, hubby has gone on a golf weekend, with the promise of dry weather it should be fun for him. I have no plans, hubby took my car, so no transport, so two days at home for me.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Sunny morning

I have a few projects to make, this cotton mix sheet and pillow cases are going to be stitched into a reading wigwam. The poles are from a garden set of pick up sticks, which I don't have out, the older children almost always use them as javelins.  The grey goes well with the quilt fabrics I have.
We popped to Asda for a few food items, 
and were aware they were selling off summer items.
These tapes were reduced from £2 to £1 each, so I got five, I have already got loads of my pots done, I have used hardly any slug pellets this summer, this type of tape and our visiting hedgehog have keep my plants safe. 
I had visitors yesterday, my young neighbour and her children, Maddie who is 5 has started loosing her baby teeth and we required a solution for the tooth fairy. I was given her summer school dress, where the skirt had paint stains on, so not enough fabric for a big cushion. Mum suggested we made use of the small pocket on the dress. So I cut a small square just bigger than the pocket, cut a back and made a small handle so it can be hung. It was quick to make and Maddie loved it, I forgot to take a photo, but was pleased to be able to make a keepsake from her 1st school dress.
I have finished reading The Stolen Child, Keith Donohue, it got much better as I was reading, and once completed made a good story. I don't think I will look for another of his books.
We have been sorting our kitchen cupboards and freezers, we have decided to work our way through the contents, our freezers are fill and there is so much we were not sure what we had, yesterday we did not purchase any meat, we have enough frozen to last the rest of this month. Other than the copper tape we did not buy any other summer sale items.
Today is another day at home, hubby has popped to garage for the final part of the van service, we only have the paintwork to sort now, it is all working perfectly.
Tomorrow I have Will, hubby is working and daughter will leave us together for a few hours.


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