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Saturday, 19 October 2019

Getting better

These have kept me occupied this week, I went to our local library on Thursday, I have finished 2, 
The Rumour was brilliant, loved this book
Sleep - I also enjoyed
Left Jodi Picoult to last, I have never read a poor book by her.
These are all fastbacks and have to be read and returned within 2 weeks.
 These I can keep for up to 4 weeks and extend the loan time if I wish, but they will be finished quickly, I do read quick, and I do have loads of reading time. 
Thank you so much for all your kind comments, I know I should have gone to a walk in center at the time of the accident, but Will was here, hubby was full of cold, and I could not drive myself. My hands are much better, the blisters are slowly disappearing, they have not broken, at some point I know the dead skin will break away. I thought I had only burnt my right hand, but my left finger tips are also very tender, so I am being very careful.
My leg is very sore, I did have blisters here, but they are again settling down, I am watching the area daily, if it changes I will get to see my doctor, at the time, I thought I had been lucky and the burns were not too bad, but as the days have gone by, I can see my delicate skin was burnt more than I thought. I love skinny trousers, they are so comfortable, but became hell to get off at the time of the accident.
I am not accident prone, infact I have very few accidents, even when working in the garden I am able to avoid cuts and bruises, but in a blink of an eye things change.
All it had done this week is rain, which helps as I can't go outside, but I did manage an hour in the greenhouse, wearing gloves to protect my hands, I watered all my plants.
It's a dry sunny morning, but other than picking up leaves, we have no plans to be outside, the ground is very wet.
I have been making plans in my head for crafting, but I have not picked anything up as yet.
I did finish the second series of The Crown from netfix, which I totally enjoyed.
It's that time of year again, the fireworks have already started!

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Reading time

Reading time here, this was a huge book 511 pages, but not the best read, set in ireland just a couple of years ago, but it felt almost American and more 60's, but maybe that's just me. I also thought this was 2 books put together as one, not sure I would look for another of her books to read.
 But this is great, enough clues to keep you wanting to read more, I do like Peter Robinson, he writes a good interesting story. This is my 47th book read this year. 
 Ouch, burnt my hand and leg in an accident at home this week, I knocked a pot of just cooked soup over myself, could not get my skinny jeans off fast enough.
I sat with my hand in cold water for an hour, the blisters at the finger tips went down, but I still have a few more on my fingers and the back of my hand. I did this on Monday when Will was here, it was so very hard not to scream out, I'm not sure what Will thought as Grancha striped off my clothes in the kitchen. I have burns on my legs, they are sore, but no broken skin and just one blister. So I am sore, it was bloody painful, I am hoping I can put on some trousers to walk to our libary, I have run out of books to read.
Hubby got some burn cream from our local chemist, I see no point going to A&E, as I can treat myself at home, with no broken skin I should heal well. 
No crafting, I can't hold anything, no gardening same reason, on the plus no housework or cooking. 
I have finished editing my 2018 book, I have read through it again and I'm happy, so just waiting until next month when I can get the best discount. 
So back to reading. 

Monday, 14 October 2019

New start and a finish

A perfect new start, using Drops 4ply cotton, this is for baby George, I made one for Will in shades of blue.
 A very simple small blanket to crochet, I do have loads of ends to sew in, I'm about a 3rd of the way through, I have used 4 balls, and have 8 more to use. 
 I finished the socks for my brother, these were so simple to knit each colour was 10 rows, the top, heel and toes all match in navy. The second sock was so much quicker, no measurements, I know where I was at every stage. I did not mind all the ends to stitch in, a pure joy to knit.
 I have done more on these, I'm half way to the toes, or I would be, if I did not have to.....
 unpick loads of rows a dropped stitch, this has happened alot with this yarn, I will be pleased once they are finished. 
I have done more on my weaving, but as it wraps around the loom, it's does not look any different.
I have a couple of home made sewing gifts I would like to make for Christmas, nothing too busy, easy designs. I also want to finish my bag, and make a fabric toy store for my neighbours daughter. So sewing machine will be out for a while.
I have most of the fabrics needed to make Luna Lapin, the only issue I have is, whilst I have loads of felts, I don't have a piece big enough to make her in one colour, but I could make her limbs in different colours, I will have to think about it. I also have loads of Peter Rabbit cotton fat quarters, which I can use for clothes.
I also have a small ripple blanket to make, again for baby George, simple design, very similar to Will's, just enough difference to know which belongs to each grand son.
Both Saturday and Sunday was wet, not that it mattered to me, I have a real bad cold, which started to go onto my chest, not sleeping to great, so I was happy to sit and crochet or read most of the weekend, I am feeling better this morning, having a couple snugly days helped fight the bugs.
Today I have decided not to cancel Will, it's probable he gave me the bugs in the first place, we are having another day at home, it's his second week of toilet training, he is doing well, but not up to trips out, when he shouts 'nanna I want a wee' we have to move quickly.

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Growing inside

It's a wet weekend and our cats have the right idea, I have plants everywhere inside, this is my stitching storage cabinet beside my chair. 
 I have had this orchid for over a year, I'm still waiting to see if it will flower again, there is loads of growth on here.
 These have been brought back to a light place, hopefully to flower again.
 The blooms on here are stunning and have been out for weeks, 
and should last for loads more weeks. 
 My coffee plants, sits by the patio doors, 
it's light here but no direct sunlight, these love the shade. 
 These flowers are over a week old, on my dining room table, 
all the above plants are in my sitting room. 
 In the bathroom, full of buds, these have a stunning pink flower. 
 My baby plant is slowly growing, 
the parent plant is doing brilliant in my greenhouse. 
 In my office, I love string of pearls. 
 Pineapple plant has not done much,
but the babies are growing. 
The african violet has moved from the kitchen, it's sunnier in here.
 Cuttings on the window sill, 
aftrican violets and a hanging plant from the garden. 
Hubby is getting used to having so many plants inside, I try and keep them out of his way, he understands my need to grow things. Some plants are new, small cuttings or old favorites which I have had for years, all of them are loved.
My focus is inside and the greenhouse, the garden is still looking good, but we have been closing it down for winter, last year I did not cut back plants leaving seed heads for the wildlife and I plan to do the same this year.


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