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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Marwell Zoo

Will looking cute
 He loved the animal signs
 So many of the animals and birds were watching us
 Huge area's for the animals, loads mixed in these spaces.
 Best photo of the tiger
It has a wheel
 Another wheel
Everyone together 
We spent a lovely day at Marwell Zoo, we have been before but it was years ago, when Josh was young, I think in 2008. The zoo is well cared for, there is plenty of space for little one's to run about, they put in windows in most of the enclosures at child height, it is a good family destination. The restaurants were well stocked, a good choice of meals, and not too expensive. I am not always keen on viewing animals in cages, even if they are much better than the zoo's of our childhood. The tropical house was very good, a smaller version of the Eden project, with a path which sends you from the top of the house through to floor level, loads of beautiful plants, and butterflies.
In the sunshine, it was perfect, Will spent loads of time running about, he was not really interested in most of the animals, unless it was a car or tractor, he did not spend too much time watching, but we enjoyed our time there.
  Recreating a photo, we did a few, these were the best to show.
Over night we had an hour's rain, first rain in two months, not nearly enough, but as they say every little helps. 

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Holiday over

Loads of clouds again
 Some reading for the next week
 Tuesday in Portsmouth historic dockyard
From HMS Victory, looking towards the Spinnaker Tower
 Lunch at Gunwharf Quays
 Alba and Will making friends
Almost everyday this week, we have had loads of dark clouds, normally it would mean it's going to rain, it's rare to see so many clouds and it stays dry, by late afternoon all the clouds have gone and it's full sunshine.  Everywhere is desperate for rain, the grass in our lovely park has turned to straw, leaves are falling off tree's,  it's very muggy.  Our summer this year is very different.
On Wednesday morning I drove to Gatwick airport for Alba to catch a plane home, she was with us for 6 days, we enjoyed our time together, she is a special young lady. We took her to loads of local places, She loved the Historic boatyard at Portsmouth, and the tour of HMS Victory, we also saw HMS Warrior. Shopping at Gunwharf Quays was fun, we had lunch at Wagamam'a sat looking at all the huge boats. We had a drink in a typical English pub, only soft drinks.  She loves our garden and all the colourful plants, so we visited a garden center, she was interested in everything. Will loved her and they played together, we had Will on another sleep over on Sunday night.
The holiday went far too quick and now we are planning for next year, we are hinting to have Alba for 1 month, we could do so much more. It is good her english is perfect, we often speak over the phone, which always is a test of language skills, but her mum is a good teacher.
Shopping on Tuesday, saw me purchase a lovely pair of trousers, perfect fit, Per Una reduced in the sale, I have been wanting slim fit trousers, so much for not purchasing clothes this year, oh well I am only human, so whilst I've not done as I wanted, I am not spending too much.
Today I am out for a pedicure and lunch with youngest daughter, it's her treat to me, Friday we plan to go to Marwell Zoo it's been years since we visited. There is a weather warning for thunder storms on Friday, we will have to check on the morning, the warning covers the whole of the south east of England, and they could happen anywhere, so it's probable we will stay dry. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Sewing instruction - Finish

Beautiful patchwork
 All neat and tidy
 Another cushion cover and hearts
 With an envelope pocket (no zip)
 Shopping bag from tea towels
 Lovely neat lines. 
We have had a very busy week of sewing, all the above made, ready for gifts to be taken home by our house guest.
Back in the 80's we had a Spanish student Izzy, she stayed with us for a month, and was a wonderful young woman and we loved having her to stay. She visited for many years, her desire to learn everything British has helped her in her work life as an English teacher in Spain. We have been a part of her family, watching her two young daughter grow into lovely young women. We have had wonderful holidays in Spain with the family, Izzy and both daughters visited last year, another lovely holiday together. So this last week for the first time we had her eldest daughter Alba staying, she is 14.
Alba loves to sew, so most days we had my sewing machine working. We used tea towels for the bag (a gift for her mother), Union Jack cushion cover (a gift for her sister), and we choose fabrics from my stash for the patchwork cushion, which Alba made for herself.
The patchwork being the hardest sewing Alba has done, she choose all the fabrics and then placed them to make the final design, with coaching from myself, she has done most of the stitching, I only had a tiny input. I am proud and very pleased with the improvement Alba has made, she was willing to learn and tried most things I asked from her. I hope when she returns to Spain tomorrow with her gifts, her family will see the hard work and enjoy each item. The three small hearts are for her friends.

Sunday, 15 July 2018


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