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Friday, 6 December 2019

More legs

7 pairs of Jeans

 Couple of zips
I have had these jeans for ages, most are good quality, when my older brother Mel lost his battle with cancer years ago, I kept his jeans to make a keepsake for my brother Martin, I have made myself cushions before with old jeans, seen here. My brother Martin has a new sofa, so it's time for me to use the denim and make him 2 large cushions, this will be a Christmas gift from me to him. I can show this here, blogging does not interest him.
Yesterday hubby was sorting our small attic space, he does it every year after we get the Christmas decorations out, I now have a huge space in my fabric stash, not that I plan to purchase any more, I still have more fabric than I can use.
So today the sewing machine is out, I have cut the legs off and will have 28 strips of denim to use, they will be square, with a black velvet back, I hope to have them finished and under my tree by the end of the weekend. As yet I have not decided how I will stitch them together, or even if they will be matching cushions, the design desions will be made as I work with the colours of the denim.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Sleeping or awake.

Just as the last of the leaves fall from our magnolia tree, we get a slightly warmer few days, and buds appear!! look at the beautiful blue sky, looks like summer. 
 Blueberry and blackcurrants bushes are also showing buds.
 Acer tree down by my steps has buds as well
 I do have colour in the garden, mainly from pots
 Raised bed by backdoor is past it's best, but is full of spring bulbs.
Our morning frost is not too bad, it's just air frost, yesterday hubby and I cleaned the outside of the greenhouse, we get alot of muck falling from our neighbours trees, and I want them clean so the sunshine can get through and raise the inside temperature. 
Hubby and I spend some time outside on dry days, the leaves have almost finished, and are easy to hand pick up each day. I watered plants in the greenhouse, just enough to keep them healthy, not enough for the to sit in water and freeze. At this time of the year the garden is not wanting much time, which is good, I don't like being cold, and I hate being cold and wet.
Everything is doing well in the greenhouse, it does catch loads of sunshine, in the summer the Magnolia tree gives it shade, but without the leaves, the sun hits it all through the day. I do have a heater for inside, but I don't use it often, even on snowy days it's still warm enough inside.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Hello old friends

New this year, all our 7 grand sons

Most of these decorations are years old, very old friends who visit every December, I still have my 1st tree topper, a fairy used in 1973, I don't put her out any more, she is very delicate, but I do love to keep her. I did buy a few things this year, but did not spend too much, again I sent stuff to our charity shop, but I am using most of my decorations, I do have too many, but I am happy to spend time arranging them.
The small tree by our motorbiking Santa, has a photo of each of our grandsons on their 1st Christmas, normally I put them on our big tree, but they are often unseen, they look better on the smaller tree.
I am a pagan, I do love trees, ivy, berries and have them in all my displays. Christmas has arrived in our house, I hope I can find festive spirt soon.

Monday, 2 December 2019

So this is December

For the 1st time in years, we both have an advent calender, mine is full of tiny balls of yarn, all hand dyed, hubby has one full of chocolates he loves, I made it for him.
 Our 1st Christmas card, plus a new Santa, it's always lovely to received cards through the post, but the 1st one always leaves a sad memory, my SIL, who lost her battle with cancer many years ago, always sent the 1st card. 
 New for our tree, this one has George's name on, 
it's our 1st year with 7 grandsons. 
I've made a good start on my Christmas cards, embossing each card, and then adding decorations, I have 25 in this style, the rest will be different, I ran out of the oval disk, I have so much in my stash drawer, I will find other things for the rest of my cards, about 20 more to finish.
 I have seen some great decorations for nails, and thought I would have a go, this is my 2nd try, I did the red or green on the outer of my nails with the golden line, but it did not look good, so I changed the colours around, I am pleased with these, simple but pretty. 
Everything is on plan for Christmas, I have some wiggle time with my craft, I only have one gift to make, and 2 cakes to finish, but I'm not at all feeling festive. I would like our tree up, so Will can see it, but I have no desire to drag all the boxes out and dress the house.
A few of the issues which made our relaxing trip necessary last week are still present, time will help, but my head feels it's going to burst, so my thoughts, wishes, fly around all the time. I have slept alot the in past few days.
I did enjoy our sign performance at our local library, it was in a private room, but we had loads of people watching, mummy came with Will and George, and all the sign ladies got a cuddle, Will was spoilt with gifts from Shelia, as was the other children present.
Sunday was a lazy day at home, I should have done some housework, but choose to sit in the sunshine make cards and read, yes I am again hiding in books.


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