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Saturday, 20 January 2018

At the bottom of the garden

8am yesterday morning, loads of frost
I keep the pot on my table covered through the winter and rainy days, the pot does not have drainage, my succulent tower (blue pots) drains well and have survived a couple of winters outside.  
 Early afternoon, warm enough for the window to be open,
 My nasties all inside, they don't mind the cold, but they hate the wet.
On the side back staging, they do not need the sunshine.
 I have loads on new Violet plants for my garden
all grown from cuttings, catching all the sunshine.
 I purchased 1 reduced plant for £2 from B&Q last September, I love Nemesias, I separated these, knowing they grow back each year, they will be very strong for spring planting. These are on my raised garden at the back of my greenhouse. 
 Geraniums, not their best, but I will cut them back soon
the cutting should make new plants.
These are on the front side catching any sunshine.
 I love this shelf on my potting bench, 
I can see it from my sitting room chair, the light are solar so they shine at night.
I check my greenhouse most mornings, I do not have heat inside, at this time of year it is a holding place for plants not able to winter outside. It's in a great position, really sunny spot, our Magnolia tree does cast a shadow  in the morning, but this time of year without leaves does not cause an issue and in the summer when in full leaf it helps with shade for a while each day.
My bulbs inside are now flowering, I also go some cut daffodils on a yellow sticker reduced buy 1/3 of marked price, I do love daffodils at this time of year. We also got all our fresh fruit at reduced prices, last year we stopped purchasing bananas, both hubby and I love them and ate them each day, now we buy loads of different fruit and enjoy the mixture.
Will was fun yesterday, he ate plums for the first time, we made him a mixed fruit salad for his lunch, plum, grapes, kiwi and a tiny bit of apple. We also got out the ball pit we have got for the garden, it is huge but he loved playing with the balls, I got the balls free second hand, but have too many so I will pass on half.
I am doing well with Will's crochet blanket, I love the snug feeling each evening whilst I add rows, I hope to finish it soon, I am planning to try a ripple blanket next, it will be nice to do a different design.
No plans for today, we do need a long walk, it is dull outside, but dry, so we should go soon before the promised rain arrives. Still no snow thank goodness. 

Thursday, 18 January 2018


Will had his first messy play day
mummy and daddy sent us this photo
his face says how much he enjoyed it
 Flowers on my Hyacinth
 For the first time I have some height on these
 Amaryllis flower
 Perfectly formed
 Ready to burst into colour
My indoor bulbs are doing well, as are the bulbs in the garden, I walked around our tiny plot this morning just to check we had no issues, and found loads of bulbs coming up, snakes head fritillary, crocus, daffodils, my helleborus has new buds.
Our fence on our strange neighbours side is again very wobbly, I did expect it to break last night. It was replaced a few years ago, all our other neighbours have lower fences, so the wind builds up along their gardens and always hits the same spot. Hubby could go out and probably save the fence, but as our neighbours are so horrible and sent us a solicitors letter saying the fence is theirs, it shows on our deeds as ours, and we had the receipt for the previous owner for the installation. We leave it alone, last time we agreed to pay half of the cost to replace the broken bits. But everything else in the garden is good, I am itching to be outside, but it's just far to early.
Yesterday I cleaned the top of my kitchen cabinet's, I hang my head in shame, it was hard going, I also did all the top of the tiles around the kitchen, plus the top of the fridge freezer and boiler. I was shattered by the afternoon, I have put paper on top of each cabinet so next time it should be easier, but I won't leave it so long next time. I spent loads of time doing more to Will's blanket.
This morning I gave to the floors a steam clean, the rest of the day is cleaning free. Later we have Will for a couple of hours, and my friend Chris is popping in for so sign language practice.
I hope you are warm and comfortable, winter is finally here in UK.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018


No snow here, but at 9.15am still just below freezing
 We have a lovely blue sky, but it's so cold
Typical winter day, we often miss all the snow, it does not take much to bring us to a stand still so we are happy to be snow free. It is really nice not to be out early in the mornings, my plan is a day at home. 
 I have two flowers forming
 This is finished, it was never going to be huge. 
 I love all the neat patterns, the colours remind me of heather's. 
 The final row is navy, I have stitched in all the navy ends for the colour change, the random I did not cut, it only had one level so I could keep it neat. 
 Will's blanket is giving me loads of ends, 
I use a hook and thread them along my work. 
I popped to my greenhouse and covered some of my tender plants last night, I do not heat in there, but it is in the most sunny spot in the garden, everything looked good when I checked this morning.
Sign language class was good yesterday, I was pleased I had already learnt the alphabet, numbers and a few greetings, we covered colours, some I already knew, we had to list a colour, add an object and two descriptive words, RED-CAR-YOURS/MINE, plus we had to add facial expressions, after class we shared lunch, there are seven ladies in the class and we take in turns proving the lunch. I am looking forward to going back next week, my friend Chris and I will get together to practice later this week.
I sat and finished my blanket last night, Grace my cat sits on my lap, so I was jiggling the blanket to keep it away from her, she does not attack my wool, so whilst a bit slower is was good, both the cat and the blanket kept me warm. 
I'm off got my kitchen cabinet tops to clean, not a great job, but once it is done I can relax and do some fun things.


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