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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Much the same

I did read this book, a light plot, which was guessed at each stage and of course the happy ending. I took the books back to the library on Monday. I had not intended on getting any more books but did manage to find 2 to read. 
 I'm having the best year for soft fruits, they love all the rain and just enough sun to turn them sweet. The blackberries now grow along the side wall of the garage, I am also training them around an arch in front of my shed. The raspberries are still giving me loads, both are having a bumper year.
Hubby was not allowed home for the whole weekend, they were worried if his bed was empty, it would be filled and he would lose his place, so a compromise was done, Saturday he came home after lunch until after 8pm, he was back in time to have all his vitals checked and his medication. Sunday he was home between 10am and 8pm, he went back early, he was not feeling so good, tired. Youngest daughter and Will popped in for an hour in the morning, Will had been asking to see Grancha, he was so lovely, kept saying Grancha is poorly and the doctors are going to fix him.
Our local Portsmouth hospital is so full at this time, as soon as a bed becomes empty, the nurses clean it and a new patient comes in, it's never ending, I do feel for the staff who all work so very hard
Hubby should have his gallbladder removed tomorrow, he is on the list, fingers crossed he is not removed, it does happen often, his liver is settling enough for them to operate, we now understand the issues back in October when hubby had to wait for his heart surgery, we think we're the start of these issues, but the symptoms were not enough to be diagnosed at the time.
I managed some time in the garden on Monday, the fore caste was for dry weather, I did get caught in one heavy storm, all the dead heading is done and leaves and twigs collected, the recent windy days has bashed our Magnolia tree.
No sewing , or any other crafting, I did watch The Handmaids Tale on Sunday, which this week I enjoyed.
This morning I am going out, I will purchase the silks (floss), to finish my dots, plus a quick pop to Tesco.

Saturday, 17 August 2019

What a week !

The copper rings are working well, last time I planted Colues, the slugs and snails ate them overnight. These are surviving and growing, I planted them over a week ago. 
 Same with the Begonia in my greenhouse, loads of new growth. These copper rings should last for years and save my plants. So for me these are a winner. 
 My string of pearls, in the office is getting bigger, these will take time to grow, I'm OK with that as I do love to see plants on my desk. 
 A new flower shoot and buds on this Orchid, can't wait to see what colour the flowers will be. I do love this grouping on my logburner, it's an electric one, which we do not use for heat, only using the glow section, in the cooler months.
My hubby has not yet had any treament for his gallstones, the hospital has had to change the blood thinners he is taking after his heart attack, and until his blood is clear, they have to wait. They are managing his pain, I am hoping they may let him home for the weekend today, he would have to go back in on Monday, but it would be nice to be hospital free for a day.
My garden is a mess, we are still having strong winds and loads of rain, it has rained most of the week, I am hoping it might clear up so I can do some deadheadding and clearing around, the season looks as if it's changing early, but this is still summer, so who knows what the weather will do.
I have done no sewing, knitting or crochet, I did pick up a book to read last night, I can't switch off my brian.
I have eaten so badly these past few days, ready meals, junk food, and I have wasted loads from the fridge, so much went out of date without me watching closely, I did freeze some, but lots was binned. My coffee intake if sky high, I will try better in the next few days, I am feeling very sluggish, which is a sign I need to eat better.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019


I am truly enjoying this stitching, each little dot comes alive when filled with loads of french knots., I have one colour to purchase, it's the bluey green, I have also ran out of 3 other shades, so a trip to the shops is planned. 
 Looking at the back, this shows just how many dots I have finished, I am about half way through. I was worried when I started this it would become a much bigger job and I would find the scale hard. BUT I am enjoying each tiny dot, I know exactly how I will make this into a bag for myself, it won't be a shopper.
Will made hubby a card. 
My week already has completely changed, Monday hubby was unwell all day, after speaking to our doctors, they suggested painkillers for the pain in his tummy, even though he told them it was much worse than expected for a tummy bug. Tuesday after a very poor night's sleep, he wanted to call doctors again, I suggested he call 111, I was worried because he was still being sick, his heart medication would not be going into his system, they sent an ambulance, and he went to accident and emergency department. The department was full after having a busy night, people were waiting for beds to become available in the hospital, we saw a doctor within 2 hours, who after test, confirmed he has Pancreatitis, caused by tiny gallstones, which had been causing the pains in his tummy. Once he was admitted to the surgical ward, they confirmed he would need an operation to remove his gallbladder. Operation is booked for tomorrow, providing the blood thinners he takes for his heart condition are not showing in his blood test.
So I am visiting him each day in hospital, it's our local hospital, so just a quick bus journey, it's cheaper than parking the car, he is no where as ill as last October, but it is hard to see my strong hubby in pain, youngest daughter and I visited this morning, he was very tired, so I will pop back later to ensure he's OK, he now has his Ipad with books to read, which will help pass the time. he already looks much better than he did earlier this week.
So my trip to Somerset is cancelled, I have put all our stuff back in the dining and sitting rooms, no decorating anytime soon.

Monday, 12 August 2019

Is it really August

It's another dull cool  wet day here, we have had more wet days than dry days here, which is good for the garden. But not so good in August.
 The high winds over the weekend and yesterday did not do too much damage to anything. The fence between us and the mad cat woman next door, is still upright, but it's only her overgrown garden  propping the panel up. It still looks OK, but I can't see it lasting through the next winter. I just wish she would allow us to replace it at our cost, it's a shared boundary, and she will not let anyone dig out any of the posts.
 Last Friday I emptied the dining and sitting rooms, hubby will start to paint soon, it won't be a hard job, just a clean, a quick sandpaper and then paint. He did the rest of the house last year, this is the last 2 rooms. 
 Everything is in our spare room,
 The floor around the bed is full of items from the cabinets, I will wash everything before putting it all back, there does look loads, but when we moved here I got rid of all the unwanted things. 
 I did finish this book, I loved her book Big Little Lies, but found this one hard reading, I did finish it. I am also doing my french knots, more on that next time. 
We had no problems on Saturday night with Will in his new bed, it's a huge single be blow up mattress, all he wanted was the 2 blankets I crochet for him and Dave the bear. He was awake at 6, so a long day for us, mummy collected him at lunch time. The rest of Sunday was sewing and reading.
Today is a bit strange, hubby is still in bed at lunch time, he has been sick, which is very rare for him, Will has gone to his Grandma and Pawpaw's avoiding any bugs we have here. I have done very little, after myself getting up much later, I have been doing some work on my 2018 book, I still have 15 post from last December to work on, but I will have everything done before the November date, when the best discount is offered.
Compared to last week, I have nothing planned until Friday, when I will take the train to my sisters house, I will stay with her for almost a week.
The decorating can be done once hubby is feeling better, it is strange to see everywhere so empty.


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