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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Dish it up

I redid this pot last month
 This is one from last year
 Made two years ago 
 I love this simple pot
 Done last month 
I have had this pot since the 70's, it's called onion ware
Not alot doing here, enjoyed our first BBQ of the summer tonight, we have just come inside, it's been a lovely sunny hot day. The garden is looking good, my fruit bushes are full of swelling fruit, the gooseberry bushes are still green, I do hope I have killed off the saw flies.
We have loads of tomatoes on our two plants, and the cucumbers are growing tall. I cut lettuce with our tea, and hope to dig up the early potatoes on Saturday.
We have a big project happen in the garden, which starts on Tuesday, it's hubbies project, more on it next week.
My inside seed and seedlings are all doing well, I have been promised a walnut tree sapling, which is exciting.
Work is very slow, just not enough to go around, but two people have given in their notice, so the work load will improve, I hate being idle.
I have been following Chelsea Flower Show, I do enjoy watching Monty and Joe Swift on BBC2 each evening.   But I am reading so much, I have sewing to do this weekend, a project for a friend.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Outside in

It's getting dark outside and my lights are sparkling
most of them are solar
 Looking down the garden
I keep loads of lights in the greenhouse away from the wet weather, they light the greenhouse up each evening and when we have an evening in the garden I can bring them out all charged and ready for use. 
 Kiwi seedling
I am growing ever hopeful
  New reading glasses 
This is not sponsored, just something I wanted to share with you speckyfoureyes.com,  I got 3 pairs of glasses for just over £100, the reading/sunglasses are Bench, so not cheap, I could have got pairs from £9 each. There is a set of numbers on the arm of your glasses, mine is 51-17-136 this gives the details of your style of glasses, so if like me you want something similar, enter these numbers and frames the same are shown. The site is easy, my 1st order took just over 3 weeks, but the saving I made were great. 
I have done no craft, I have finished reading The State We're In by Adele Parks, the author was sending you to a good ending and then at the last moment she drops in a twist. I really did enjoy it. 
Into the Water by Paula Hawkins (Girl on the Train), is now out, reviews are looking good, another book to add to my list. 
I have really been lazy this evening, after having a near perfect weekend with Will, and Sunday lunch with mummy and Will, Sunday night was reading and an early night.
PS. One of our local's cat has been attacked, the vet thinks by a fox, hope the locals get the message about the fox population. 

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Weekend so far in pictures

Hubby is away until Wednesday
on a biking trip with both his sons
touring his beloved Wales
 Lots of Will and Nanna time
mummy and daddy away Friday and Saturday nights
 Hubby feeling guilty, these came through the post today
he had ordered them before he left
 Popped to the library, got these two
and preordered loads of other titles
These rain clouds are keeping us inside
we would love a walk around the park this afternoon, if they clear
It's a stay at home weekend, Will and I are here in the day, and then I go for a sleep over at Will's house. Little man is down for a nap, so giving nanna time for an early lunch and a quick catch up. But as I was up at 5.30 this morning, it does feel like lunch time, it's great to have so much time with our youngest grand son, we have 5, all boys the oldest being 11 years old.
The weather is dry, but we have loads of huge black clouds, so far they have drifted by without any rain, but I am not risking talking Will out, neither of us want to get wet. There is nothing required to do in the garden, I managed to get the last couple of jobs done on Thursday afternoon.


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