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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

See how they run

Growing in size and colours

 A few days later

The rows are really long, but they do flow, and it's relaxing to make, once it gets longer I expect it to be more time consuming, moving it along my lap, but it will keep me warm through the winter months. Now I feel I'm sorted on the construction, I can start doing more of my other crafts.
Our garden is taking a beating from the tail end of storm Helene, nothing like the terrible weather in North and South Carolina, China and The Philippines, so I won't moan too much, but we are planing time this weekend in the garden.
We are away for a few days in Somerset, sadly a family funeral to attend, but we will see both hubbies sons, it's not often we see them together.

Monday, 17 September 2018

I've got worms

Lovely fine compost
 Hard working worms
 Note the best area of dahlias, next to the wormery
I removed the tomato plant, loads of green tomatoes
popped into paper bags, left on the table,
they will ripen over the next few weeks.
 I did get into the greenhouse, cleared the cucumber plant and the raised bed, I have plans for this space, but first I will pull everything out the greenhouse and give it all a good clean.
 My pepper plant has loads of fruit on, I am letting them dry out on the plant, I did this a few years ago with great success, they keep well once dried, which is good as I don't eat chillies.
 I love the walk to my greenhouse
still loads of colour
My wormery is doing well, all kitchen waste is put in here, the compost looks fine and rich, and the juice from the bottom helps feeds my plants, when we get heavy rain the bottom sump fills up, so often I open the tap and let some drain into the garden, hence my wonderful growth on the dahlia bush next to the worms. I have no plans to use the compost until next spring. 
We managed a couple of hours in the garden, me in the greenhouse, hubby about our tiny plot doing chores, the new season is here, leaves are dropping and require picking up each day, spider webs everywhere. The warm sunshine was lovely on Sunday afternoon, I do love a warm September day, always a bonus. 
I have stopped picking blackberries, the few remaining are for the birds, I have been making cordons for the brambles to grow along, I want the long garage wall to be full of fruit next year, plus I am trying to get them over my shed. 
In the next week, I have bulbs to plant, cutting to take and create a new raised garden in the greenhouse. I also need to shop for gravel, slate and pebbles, not too many of each. I at my most happiest when I have a garden plan and it's all ready to go. 

Saturday, 15 September 2018

The Solent

 Closer view of fort and shipping
 Delivery at second fort
Vessels heading for Southampton in the background,
Portsmouth in front and Isle of Wright
 Cross channel ferry going into port
 Local birds

Hubby and I went back to Southsea, this time I took my big camera with the longer lens. I wanted better shots of the two forts (there is a 3rd further along the coast).
The Solent, which is the water between Isle of Wight and the mainland, fascinates me, the water is always busy, all the large vessels have to pass in-front of the Isle of Wight, to get into the ports of Southampton and Portsmouth. Watching the huge vessels as they all sailed past was interesting, two cross channel ferries as well as freight.
We had another lovely walk, not as far as the previous day, but we stayed dry, had a later fish and chip lunch, we must remember to do this more often.

Friday, 14 September 2018


Locals on the beach

Military forts in the Solent

Toward old Portsmouth
Watching Isle of Wight ferry
End of Pier fun
Yesterday at Southsea we had perfect weather, sunny, not too hot, we walked along the whole of the seafront from Eastney, through Southsea and on to Old Portsmouth, chatting and enjoying everything around us.
We stopped for the most perfect brunch at a sea front cafe, eating poached eggs on toast with smoked salmon watching the tide coming in. The glimmer off the sea was stunning, a little starling was feasting on crumbs people were putting on the floor, unafraid of anyone, children loving it.
The above photo's were just a few of many, it looks as good as being along the Mediterranean, the Solent was as always very busy, the hovercraft making it's journeys to and from the Isle of Wright. Tankards heading for Southampton, cross channel ferries coming into Portsmouth, plus all the smaller boats, jet-skis, this stretch of water is always interesting to watch. There were a few people on the beach, but the promenade was full, as was all the little cafes along the way.
Daughter loved her day out together, we did not enter a shop at all, which is good as my daughter loves to shop, Will was at nursery, hubby spent the day at home, but if the sun shines this morning, hubby and I are going back to walk and brunch, whilst the sun shines we can have fun.


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