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Monday, 2 March 2015

Another finish

Skaters is finished
I started stitching end of January
So 4 weeks to complete
 Love the birds sitting on the wire.
 There was a header
'Christmas is skating on ice with you'
but I did not like the words and I would like to keep it out 
I have to decide how I am going to finish this piece,
 I am thinking another small cushion
for now it's in my green work box
 A new start, a Rovaris design, this will be my third heart, going with purple again.
I should get most of it finished before the next part of my SAL is published. 

I managed to pop out into my front garden and cut back a shrub, now we can see the daffodils coming through, the shrub will grow back.  In a mo I will pop to the post office, we have sold my camera, at full asking price, it is packed ready to go. Nice result, we have people watching hubby's camera, so we hope to sell that as well. The extra monies will go towards the accessories we had to change, whilst the lens from our old camera's fit the new ones, most of the accessories do not, so we are waiting for an order to arrive, much cheaper off the net.
it is really cold here today, and it looks like rain, so after my quick trip out, I will have the afternoon inside. I am popping to see Josh and Sam tonight, it is Sam's parents evening, hoping for a good report. Plus I have a pile of ironing to sort, maybe tomorrow.


  1. Your skaters piece is just beautiful. Well done. Roll on Christmas so you can show it off!

  2. Lovely finish and a wonderful new start.

    Greetings Manuela

  3. Skaters is really lovely, the birds on the wire are cute. Well done on the camera sale, that will certainly help towards the accessories. It's freezing cold here today, we've had snow storms all morning and gales too, but the snow hasn't settled, thank goodness.

  4. Congrats on the cute finish Marlene. I like your new start.


  5. Your skaters are wonderful!!!!



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