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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Thank you's and it's so nice to be home

We had 3 days in South Wales, the weather was beautiful and the winds light, our B&B, Soar Chapel, Beaufort was a perfect base, with few plans and a promise not to shop. Good food, lovely locals to chat with, the mountains in every backdrop. 
It was the perfect restful weekend. 
 Back home and the Magnolia tree is beginning to burst with blooms, hubby filling all the bird feeders, can't have them missing out.
 Our new bread maker arrived whilst we were away, I have always said I would not get one, but I read a post, in which the author was showing the ingredients in brought bread and gave us her recipe, a light bulb moment, when we are trying to remove any un-necessary ingredients from our food, why are we buying so much bread. Tomorrow I will have my first batch.  I'm sorry I can not remember the blog with the post, but thank you for another interesting topic.
 I have purchased a rotary cutter, with rulers and cutting board, I have been watching them use one on Sewing Bee, I have a set of dress making shears, which I always use. But these will make straight cuts neater, quicker and more accurate.
We visited Dawn whilst we were away, last year she moved to a small plot of Welsh mountain with her hubby, Dawn is hard working and is creating her home where she grows her own food and raises chicks and ducks, with Lambert the ram and Alpacas, it was a joy to be able to see the work she and her hubby has already put into place. With a lovely lunch sat in the sunshine, loads of chatter. Almost all the time of my visit I was green with envy, they are not lucky, they both work hard to make the life they want.  Dawn had her own craft shop before the move and has stock left, I purchased the cutter set from her, and will always check her stock before purchasing other items. I did use the cutter this afternoon, but that's another post. Pam visited at the same time, another lovely lady, very talented sewer, who creates wonderful patchwork. So thank you both ladies, I so enjoyed your company, it's a shame Hampshire is so far away.
I have not stitched since Thursday, real life was so much fun.


  1. Glad you arrived home safely, it was a pleasure to have such interesting company I hope we get the chance to meet up again :-)

  2. The Magnolia Tree is so pretty, glad you had a good weekend with fellow bloggers, good luck with your bread making.

  3. How lovely that you all met up, I will be interested to hear how you get on with the bread maker :)

  4. No trees blooming here BUT we do have daffy buls and some crocus bulbs popping up . . so warm weather has to be coming :)

  5. That sounds like a delightful week-end! Our magnolias are in full bloom.

  6. You had wonderful weather for you few days away. I look forward to hearing how you get on with the breadmaker. Oh and I keep hearing that song as well.



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