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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mothering Sunday

Hubby always get me a gift on Mothering Sunday
I have been after a couple of old chimney pots, but they are normally expensive, we saw some in the week at £60 each. Hubby saw these yesterday at £20 each, but took me back to make sure they were what I wanted, asked for a price for two, £30. So now I own them.
The first one will stay in place under the tree, I hope to plant forget me nots inside and have beautiful blue flowers. The second pot is placed at the back of the herb garden, this is not it's final place, I want to put it in the side garden, but I have to wait until the plants have grown, to sort a free space.
The avocado is now in the green house along with my lemon and lime plants, they have all settled in and now do not look as wilted. I am not sure I can keep the avocado, but it has gotten too big for the house.
My olive tree in it's new pot, I think they look great together. 
I have two smaller stone pots which I purchased in the 70's, 
they will be put with this display.
I have done all the unpicking and re stitched
hubby watched a film last night, not to my liking,
so I was able to get loads of stitching done. 
Green is almost finished, I am liking the blue,
Just two more colours to add.
Hubby is cooking lunch today, soon our girls will be here, and a family afternoon can begin. It's dull today, so not sure what our afternoon plans will be.
I really enjoyed my time in the garden, so much is coming together, just wanting to be able to sow in the veg plot, and see everything growing.
I hope you all have a happy Mothering Sunday, with loved ones and loads of laughter.


  1. The chimney pots will look lovely when there's flowers growing in them, they were a good price. Happy Mother's Day, I'm in the middle of cooking a roast dinner and waiting for my parents to arrive.

  2. Love the chimney pots! Have a lovely day x

  3. Love the chimney pots, lucky you, it's nice to have something a bit different, Happy Mothers Day x

  4. I do love chimney pots nestled amongst the plants in the garden, a great bit of bargaining there :-)

  5. I just love the chimney pots. Great for yard art!

  6. Love the chimney pots. Are you going to grow strawberries in it?
    Julie xxxxx



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