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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Super woman- photo heavy

The top soil came just after 9am, 
the driver took the pallet as far up the garden as he could.
I have used half in my raised garden, and only picked out a few stones.
Lovely soil, I'm going to let it settle and sow seeds next week.
I spent most of the morning outside in warm sunshine
and popped out again later in the afternoon.
 It was a beautiful sunny day, just a couple photo's of our spring flowers.
 I sunk the chimney pot into the ground, for security and it looks better, I have added top soil and forgetmenot seeds. I have also added new soil for my hosta, and put wire in the hole to stop the cats getting in. The second chimney I put in the long side garden. I dug around the area to ensure there was nothing growing there.
 The olive bush has settled in it's new pot
I have one of my old pots out as well, the second pot is in my shed and  has growmore in, nice to be using it as it should be as a good storage pot.
 My cucamelons have been re-potted, I have 3 plants, just 2 shown here. 
The lemon and lime plants are very happy in their new pot. The avocado is looking happy as well, they are all in the greenhouse.
Back to stitching, I managed to get loads done yesterday, 
I had a hour in the afternoon, and most of the evening
 Just the bottom section of the 'E' to be done
which is where I had problems stitching the 1st design.
Going to find an hour today to get this finished.
Yesterday was the busiest day, I was on turbo power. 
I changed our bedding, washed and dried it on the line, later I did all the ironing. I also cleaned our upstairs bedroom and bathroom.
I also painted the new wood on the raised garden, I managed to give it two coats, there was no breeze and it dried. I watered most of the pots, every one was dry, we really do need some rain. I also did a tidy up of the beds.
After school Sam and Josh came to play football in the garden, both boys were very happy, they tucked into our Easter biscuits, Sam said it was the biggest biscuit he had ever eaten. I love to see them having fun in the garden.
Later we popped to see Su and David, over the Easter break I will start working in their garden, this year we are going to cut back all the over grown shrubs, and see what else comes up in the garden.
Today I am going to give downstairs a clean before we go this afternoon, most of what I am taking has been packed, so 4 days of rest and relaxation.


  1. What a busy bee you have been, enjoy your time away.

  2. It sounds like you've been very busy. Enjoy your weekend away.

  3. You have been busy. I'm feeling exhausted just reading. (Well, more like guilty for not being as productive!)

  4. Sorry, I forgot to say, have a lovely break.

  5. WOW! You made me tired reading everything you did. You were just an energized bunny yesterday :)

  6. I love all the different pots you have, much better than the old boring plastic ones.

  7. I am tired just reading about how busy you have been! I did get out the last two days and really clean up the garden. I love Spring when you see all the little things coming to life.



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