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Sunday, 1 March 2015

How do you hold yours?

No progress on stitching
but I have been asked by Jo about my stitching frames
I do not like the round wooden hoops, they leave their impression in the fabric
  Just a few photo's to show how I use my frames, the true benefit I find, is I am able to stitch on the whole piece of fabric and cut once the stitching is finished, less fabric waste. The photo's on the right show how I tuck the fabric  to keep it out of my way when stitching. Skaters have been in the frame for just over a month, so the fabric is really not too bad for creases.
 I purchased a package of two  F&F frames, 11" and 17" frames which I prefer to use as oblong frames. These can be used for bigger (17" square) and smaller (11" square). I do find the bands do slacken the fabric as you are stitching, but a quick twist and it's all back tight.  I do have one wooden frame to which you stitch your fabric to, but since I have the plastic frames the wooden set stays unused.
Please see Dawn's comments, she has frames from her shop stock. 
 I did some stitching last night, 
the 3rd section arrived yesterday, and I have finished it already, 
this is a very simple SAL for me. 
I have to wait until next month to continue stitching. 
It's a nice day together with hubby, we popped into Southampton this morning, we have decided to upgrade our camera's, we are getting so much fun at photography club. We each have purchased a Sony A58, with a second prime lens, so a very expensive day, both our existing camera's are about 5 years old, I got mine 2 years ago second hand. We can use all our existing lens with our new camera's, and have ordered a few accessories from the net. Now hubby is listing both old camera's on ebay, fingers crossed we can get a bit back, the camera shop's offer for our old camera's was disgusting.
My plan was to spend an hour in the garden today, just a bit of tiding and sorting the new staging for the greenhouse, but no time, so I will plan to be outside this week. It has been really sunny, but once the sun has gone it's really cold. March is here, so just a few weeks and spring will be with us.
Today is St David's day, my Welsh hubby is really happy, Wales beat France in rugby yesterday. So I send good wishes to all Welsh readers of this blog.


  1. I have a few of the plastic frames, I also have a couple of wooden ones that have plastic clips t hold the fabric, the big wooden ones with fabric strips I use for rag rugging or tapestries.
    Well done to the two of you for treating yourselves to new cameras, if its something you enjoy then its money well spent :-)

  2. Thank you for the explanation about the frames, that's really helpful. My hoop has left lots of creases on the fabric I'm stitching, I've tried ironing it today but it hasn't brought them all out. I'm really enjoying cross stitching though so I think I shall have to invest in a frame before I start a new one. How exciting treating yourselves to some new cameras. I've had my DSLR coming up to two years now and I really like it, but we bought Eleanor a bridge camera for Christmas, a Panasonic FZ72 with a 60X lens, it's brilliant for zooming in on things, I'm quite tempted to buy one myself. Have fun using your new cameras, I bet you'll be snapping everything that moves.

  3. Jack uses frames for his stitching but I work in hand for mine.

  4. I don't use a frame, for cross-stitching on aida fabrics, I only use a frame for 'proper' embroidery and linen cross stitch fabrics. I find them awkward to use.
    Julie xxxxxx



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