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Monday, 23 March 2015

5 pairs of jeans

I have started using my rotary cutter
 First I removed the legs from 5 pairs of jeans, 
this time I will only use the legs, 
but I will keep the top, I hope to be able to use them.
 I placed a thin cutting board inside each leg and cut along the seam.
 I made 32 templates, cutting each with a half inch seam allowance. 
These will make 4 circular pieces, two cushions
 Each pair of jeans is different shades,
some worn more than  others, which I love.
1st try at sewing them together, 
the center point is really hard, but this could be covered, 
the effect is what I was looking for.
Firstly, I know Dawn I have left the cutter open in a couple of photo's, and I promise you, I remember your warning of how sharp the cutting blade is. The more I cut out the better I became at closing it before putting it down.
I have cut two long strips to join top and bottom together, I will finish this off later today. I have saved our two old pillows for the stuffing, so other than time these cushions will have cost me nothing.
The jeans were begged from anyone with an old pair, my friend Cat, my brother and an old pair of mine.
I love the rotary cutter, it's very sharp and just perfect for cutting straight lines, when cutting the legs from the jeans, it cut through both layers and seams with ease.
These are for my iron chairs in the garden, we have to collect them, they have had all the paint removed, I will paint them white again.
It's dull here today, I have my second load in the washing machine, where does all the laundry come from. I have some house work to do and I require a trip to supermarket, if I am to use bread maker today.
One positive note, my security clearance has come through, just waiting for my start date for the new job, it will be nice to be earning again.


  1. The cushions will be lovely, and hardwearing too which is what you want in the garden. I've just caught up on your last post, glad you had such a lovely weekend away. I've got the same breadmaker, I've had mine years and it's still going strong. I don't tend to use it to bake the bread in though, I usually use it to make the dough and then divide it up in to breadcakes and bake them in the oven.

  2. Glad to her my warning is ringing in your ears, I would hat to read you have lost a finger or two, those cushions will be fab outside on your chairs, the tops of the jeans could be turned into bags, there are loads of ideas for jean bags on the internet :-)

  3. I see you cut the jeans legs off at angle - not straight across. Is there any specific measurements for this i.e. how higher at the outside edge ?
    My granddaughters want me to cut their jeans down into shorts for them for the summer and I'm not sure where to cut. Any advice please ? I've made bags before but with clothing it has to be more exact.

  4. Go Girl Go, the rotary cutter makes it so fast and simple. That is a good idea for jeans legs. I have a bag full from making bags, I cut through just above the crutch seam and sewed a pleated piece of fabric on, then made a lining and finished as for any bag.

  5. What a good way of recylcing.

  6. They look great so are Marlene.


  7. YEARS ago, and i do mean YEARS . . it was between 1974 and 1980, I got a pair of 12-14 year old boys jeans from my n eghbor's son.

    I cut the legs off, just like you did.
    Turned them inside out and sewed straight across the egs to make the bottom of a "tote".

    Then I took the waistband from another pair and sewed that on for the strap . . .carried that thing for YEARS ! ! ! ! ! Wish I still had it. With all the pockets it carried everything.

  8. I saw a post a long time ago where a lady made bags from the tops of jeans, sewed up the legs and lined them and added handles, they were very effective.



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